Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Recent Video Round Up with Viva Mescal, Skinny Trillions, Hvlloween, Muds One, 18Scales, Cam Archer

Gonna try to do a monthly round-up of videos from the past year and more recently that I got a chance to catch and want to share.

Viva Mescal - Cherry Of My Blunt
Muds One does immense justice to one of my favorite Mescal songs here. Stay peeping content by Soul Providers and East of the River crews. This is a really biased thing to say but I feel like EOTR is one of the only crews besides mine that really goes out of its way to credit beatmakers. Mescal’s latest project here 

Skinny Trillions – go to sleep foo
Who couldn’t help but be inexorably drawn to the stubborn and almost inscrutable weirdness of Skinny Trillions’ new video series?

More Trilly here 

Hvlloween - Dopest in the I.E.

I can't lie about how often I find myself shocked by the gutter-ass shit the founder of Grey Entertainment has to say but I find his work hard, dark, unique and ever defter in it execution. I like his consistency and that he reps the I.E. to the teeth. His latest project linked here

18SCALES – No Potassium
More from Muds One, had to get a repost of a piece of one of the latest projects from the superdope superduo 18 Scales in…

Cam Archer - On The Way
The first video from Cam Archer's upcoming Spirit Gunner LP shows that dude can sing choruses and boom-bap with the best of 'em. Filmed in New York City, Coca crisply rides a chill and bassy Nabeyin production. Detailed write-up and links to Cam's last project here

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