|How Can I Be Featured?|

We love to support musicians, models, clothing lines, boutiques, photographers, directors, and generally ANYBODY TALENTED.  We ESPECIALLY love to support local visionaries from the Inland Empire, Ca. All you have to do to be featured is send us a quick e-mail with a little bit about yourself to JooseBoxxBlog@Gmail.com.


  1. Include all important information! That means we need a bio (who are you?) , your work (your song, art, look book, video, etc.), your social networking links (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), A PICTURE, and what it is you want us to do with your work.
  2. Host your music on an appropriate site! We don't want your MP3's!!!! Send us a Soundcloud link, HulkShare Player, Youtube link, Bandcamp, etc 
  3. Follow us on Twitter! We will tweet you to let you know your content has been posted, with that said, its so much easier to promote and support you if you promote and support us.
  4. Promote your post! If we decide to feature you, please promote yourself via a link to our site. If we don't see you promoting like we do...There isn't very much incentive for us to continue to support you now is it?
  5. Don't send us everything you've ever done at once! We love music, we may even already be a fan of yours, but we have an extremely small staff so we aren't really equipped to deal with a high volume of content hitting us at once. Send us a single video, song, or project and let us know what you want us to do with it! (Review, Post, etc.)
  6. We simply CAN'T post everything! The truth is; we can't and won't even try to post everything we get. Sometimes we get trash, sometimes we get a ton of submissions at once, and sometimes we just happen to be spending time with our loved ones. There are a million reasons why your submission may have not been posted but to keep it simple... With all due respect, the final decision is up to us and if at first you don't succeed, try try again.