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Thursday, August 21, 2014


We, here at, highly appreciate everyone who supports us by visiting the site and checking out what the Inland Empire's urban culture has to offer. Today we celebrate 3 years of bringing you that JOOSE!!!! To celebrate we have a couple special things we will be giving you guys periodically so make sure you stay tuned. The first gift is The JooseBoxx Drum Kit Vol.1 ! Without producers, hip-hop would be a very different genre so we salute you! Here is a FREE drum kit, full of not only kicks and snares, but several goodies that will help any beginning producer take off! Check it out and let us know what you think about the kit in the comment section. Click "Read More" to download!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dead Hiphop Society - I'm Grizzin' (Music Video)

Check out this new video from the Dead Hip Hop Society!

Sonnie Babble - Future Memories EP

We love Sonnie Babble! His latest release, "The Future Memories" EP, is a bridge between his last album and his next one. Something to hold his new and old fans over, and concurrently-show his growth and progressing sound. He has gone through voice changes, puberty, heartbreak, family issues, self discovery, and is rapidly learning the brash nature of the world he lives in. This ep is his personal outlook on his recent experiences and captivates the mentality of this latest generation of teens-the good and the bad. No matter what we think of him, one thing is for sure-he has definitely paid attention growing up and is proof that the future leaders of tomorrow are ready for what's to come. Check out his project after the break!

CJ Westley - Ignant/KTOR ( Music Video)

IE Artist CJ Westley drops one hell of a clean ass visual from his latest project OVRSLPT. Check it out after the break!

SoCal Street Team - Turn Up, Get Down (Music Video)

From  #SQUAAAAD the Mixtape , the SoCal Street Team drops their second visual for their popular song "Turn Up, Get Down" . Check It Out after the break! 

Friday, August 15, 2014's Race for 100K!

Hey there readers, viewers, and followers! On August 21st, 2014 we will be reaching a huge milestone in's on-going legacy; our 3 year Anniversary! We have plenty of treats for our dedicated subscribers and fans as we celebrate (stay tuned for those). We are also on the cusp of our 100,000th view. So help us celebrate hitting two birds with one stone as we try to reach 100,000 by the 21st!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Equinox Saints - Smoke Break (Music Video)

Black Cloud Music group, Equinox Saints releases the 2nd visual from their debut EP "Equinox Saints" available everywhere August 24, 2014. "Smoke Break" captures the group members being as high as they wanna be while surrounded by potent clouds in their favorite relaxing locations. Vibe with them after the break!