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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Declaration of Independents Tour - Official Calendar [UPDATE] (Tour)

The independent hip hop scene has been jolted on the West Coast by the uprising of The Declaration of Independents Tour: The Road To IES. Headliners Timothy Rhyme and 60 East are hitting show dates and press dates along the west coast all the way through August. Spreading the message of pride and unity amongst independent artists, the #DOITour has given others in the same situation some hope. Supported by First Dirt and a string of other independent sponsors and media partners, this independent hip hop tour is building an alliance across the country in an effort to establish a support system.

The #DOITour invites new business relationships to add to the movement. All interested parties can contact for more info. Artists can still sign up in selected cities to perform on this years tour. Artists that are interested can visit and fill out the form placed on the home page.

Special thanks to our sponsors and media partners Jooseboxx Blog, Face 2 Face The Magazine, and Brain of BMW for supporting the independent world. For more information of the rest of our affiliates please visit

#DOITour Profile: 1K Watts

Bio: Freshly 18, young artist 1K Watts is making moves. Currently pushing his recently released mixtape, Backpack Full of Blunts, featuring a tracked produced by Most Dope member Treejay. With a deep following of stoners, don’t be suprised to see 1K blow up within the next couple years.

Message to fans:

Much Love to all my fans and followers for all the support so far, let’s take it to the next level now! Can’t wait to see everyone on tour! Keep blowin tree to my mixtape, Backpack Full of Blunts, stay high. Many more things on the way!

1K Watts will be performing on the #DOITour in San Diego, CA on July 25, 2014 at The Yard. Stay tuned for more info.

#DOITour Profile: SGM

SGM is a hip hop group that consists based out in the I.E and has already made a strong impact on the underground music scene. Since 2012 they have consistently dropped collaborative mixtapes such as #TheSteezetape ,#TheSteezetape2 , and solo mixtapes by Krash which are #Kushtherapy, and #Kushtherapy2 , and doniel the prince entitled Everybody hates prince ,which are all available on Datpiff ! They have also done countless shows from long beach to hollywood to riverside to San Diego and have made it clear that they are heading in the right direction.

SGM – Wit The Team:

Message to Fans:

Thank you for all the support from when we were at the bottom up until now and hopefully they follow us on this journey.

SGM will be performing on the #DOITour in San Diego, CA on July 25, 2014 at The Yard. Stay tuned for more info.

#DOITour Profile: Sarcast

SarCa$t one of today’s up & coming independent artist on the rise; born in Denver, CO but raised in Omaha, NE and relocated little less then 4yrs. ago back to the “Mile High” where he is currently based out of. He grew up with a passion and a talent for music at a very early age which helped craft him as a MC/Artist that he is today.
He started his career shortly after high school; creating a indie label GreenHOuSEFx Productions in the early 2000′s playing all over NE & IA; then eventually relocated to Denver, CO around 2010 where he setup shop in the underground Hip-Hop scene making a name for himself opening for many nationals acts from Chamillionaire, Twista, Devin the Dude, the Alkaholiks, Dizzy Wright a many more. Also, CO-Headlining Denver’s 4/20 Cannabis Culture Music Festival Rally this yr. and invited to LA to audition with TeamBackPack at Mission Underground 2014.
His only mission is too bring back that passion that you to be in music; Hip-Hop with a message that Golden Era so to speak while still having fun with it at the same time. Trying to give you music that’ll move you not just with a beat, but lyrics that’ll make you think that timeless music. And currently working on his next mixtape which should be available the end of August and right after that his first major EP and currently booking shows all over the US.

Sarcast – The World We Live In

Message To Fans:

Don’t Believe the Hype; just let me Introduce you to this HOuSELiFE” and for EVERYTHING else SarCa$t/GreenHOuSE Check website

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS and follow us on Twitter @sarcast420 and @greenhouse4200

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

1k Watts- 5 on It (Audio)

18 year old artist 1k Watts is currently pushing his recently released mixtape, Backpack Full of Blunts, featuring this cool little freestyle over a remake of the I Got 5 On It joint (no pun intended). Check out what the kid brings to the table after the break....

Ill Smith- #iheartILLSMITH (Album Stream)

21 year old hip hop artist ILL SMITH shot us his latest project's stream. The Rancho Cucamongan says "Hip hop has been my life for forever but rapping has been my passion for the past 6 years, and in that time I have continued to perfect my craft." Check out Ill Smith's music after the break....

#DOITour Profile: Shaadie

Shaadie will be performing on the #DOITour in Sacramento, CA on July 11, 2014 at Sparta. Stay tuned for more info.

Rashaad "Shaadie" Nunnally is a 27 year-old entertainer from the Crestside streets of North Vallejo born on July 1, 1986 whom is represented & coached by the underground legend Quame "Superstar Quamallah" Patton, son of the great Jazz legend "Big" John Patton. Shaadie is a father, athlete, musician, comedian, entertainer, songwriter, performer & all around fun character to know & be around. He was named by God from a dream his father had as a teen yet was raised as the only child by his single mother with help from his grandparents. After the divorce of his parents at the age of two, and an incident of almost being shot along with his father while in his arms during an altercation between his father and the brother of his girlfriend in a hotel, his mother was forced to leave the County of Kings in the city of Lemoore. Because of this Shaadie and his mother were homeless with only the clothes on their back and had to move in with his grandparents on the 12 hundred block of Griffin Drive in the North Vallejo neighborhood of the Country Club Crest. While growing up on the streets of The Crest, he also spent a lot of time back south in Georgia & North Carolina which is the hub of both sides of his family by way of Trinidad-Tobago & Kingston, Jamaica; Because of his wide range of traveling to visit family he has seen and been apart of many different types of struggles. After living in Vallejo since the age of two, and traveling back and forth between California, Georgia & North Carolina he then moved to Sacramento because of his mothers job change. After moving from Vallejo to Sacramento in 2003, and graduating in 2004, he would be the first in Cal's track & field history in over 40 years to be offered & sign a full track & field scholarship. He would attend UC Berkeley until 2007 before leaving to grow on his own accord & focus on his music & family full time, but while at UC Berkeley, he ran in to old child hood friends/family from the pop warner football days; Marshawn Lynch, Robert Jordan & Virdell Larkins. He then found out that many others in their HUGE family were all collegiate athletes throughout the country as well. Once the distant cousins clicked up, they all collectively made the patented "Twist-n-Hook" hand signal to represent the Fam 1st Family movement that they all believed in and lived. And with the popularity of “Money” Marshawn Lynch & Robert Jordan on the Cal football field & now members of the Seattle Seahawks & Canadian Football League as well as the various other relatives & Fam 1st representatives whom have gone from college to the pros, the entire Fam 1st Family movement is becoming better known by the minute. And Shaadie is not only a Fam 1st Family representative, but he is also 1/4th founder of the Twist-n-Hook hand shake & signal.

Shaadie Official Website:

Message to Fans:
I would like to thank everyone for their love & support over the years of my grindin’ thru this industry. Yall see me climbing the ladder of success & its all because of you. Make sure yall check me out at, follow TeamShaadie on Instagram/Twitter & subscribe to Shaadboy on YouTube to view, like, comment & share the videos that you see. And remember, “It’s Shaadie like Rashaad, not Shady like Shade.” Yeee