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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Noa James - Buu's Hungry (Audio)

IE heavyweight Noa James dropped a new crowd favorite with the Dragon Ball Z inspired track Buu's Hungry! Let us know what you think about it after the break!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Triniti's Inertia Ep Release Party in Redlands, Ca @ Katz Alley #InertiaEP @TheHolyTriniti

Triniti's project Inertia is shaping up to be a highly anticipated work. From the versatility she put on display at Socal Sinatra's Frame of Mind album release party to the many cyphers circulating the web she ripped at Team Backpack's Annual Auditions; Triniti has created quite the buzz for herself. The show had an impressive lineup including Stutta Boii & Travis Miller of Royal Gambling Club, Over Everything's Cam Archer (who also hosted), CJ Westly, K.I.T., & Oh Gosh Leotus, M16, Fitz Taylor, Jig, Konami Homi, Christel Freeman and the star of the night herself, Triniti. The sounds of the evening were provided by none other than local favorite DJ Calligraphy and our homies at New Culture Media Group were there holding down the photo and video tip. M16 boasted an impressive and memorable high-energy set that captivated the audience and really brought a new dimension of energy into the room. Christel Freeman amazed me with a funk-tinged performance that made me get up and dance...not head-nod, not two step, DANCE. We'll be posting an album review for Inertia later this week.

Check out pictures and coverage of the event courtesy of NCMG HERE's spoke with Triniti about her Inertia EP in Riverside, Ca. Hear what the emcee had to say about music, upcoming projects, and her inspirations in this exclusive interview.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

RIBS for the week of 10/1/2015 featuring Fatfinger, Mr. Sham, Tomi Favored, MC Mega, King Dice, Calmfixup, Nsmokiee and more

                                     Reviews In Brief from staff writer Tristan Douglas’ week

1.Hip-Hop Alchemy by Mr. Sham and Calmfixup ; video by the Sham

A single and video for Mr.Sham from WCA’s upcoming S.H.A.M.(“Sean Has Awesome Magic Music”) project! 



Ina Njo – Tomi Favored
This song is dope. ‪#‎iemusic‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

3. MC Mega- Reborn (video) dir. by Komboa

From October of last year through February of this year when people would ask me, "who is that artist dude in your garage?" I would show them this video  I loved this video then but even now as Brandon Bailey operates under new monikers such as Gandalf the Black, B. The Wizard, part of Bass Shamans and more, it seems more apparent than ever that this song and piece showcase a lot of the themes that would be and are still important to this creative force.

#upc #urbanpoetscrew #gtb #reborn #megazord


Fatfinger – Collard Green Linguinees ft. King Dice

FatFinger and Dice come ill over a ridiculously mean Fatfinger production; check out this track and FatFinger’s diverse, funky and nerd-tinged bangers on his page linked below!

5. Propaganda Tumor - Nsmokiee the Raw God

Dope recent video by the Chico-based, Pomona-originated homie Nsmokiee during a visit to So Cal.

*****************************************************Tristan “Tanjint Wiggy” Acker is a staff writer for JooseBoxx and member of the Inland Empire’s West Coast Avengers. Catch more of their work at, follow Tristan on twitter @Wiggism or e-mail him at

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hit-Boy - Zoomin (EP Stream) #HS87

IE superstar Hit-Boy recently dropped his newest project "Zoomin" featuring artist like Quentin Miller, Gizzle, & Pusha T. Check out the EP after the break!

Friday, September 25, 2015 Presents The Sit Down: Arley @Beyond_Aware's newest segement will be text interviews with people we feel you should know. Check out our first installment with the homie from up the hill, Arley. 


JooseBoxx: Who are you?

Arley: I'm Arley from Victorville,CA and I'm an opportunist.

OK so whats new for the clothing line Beyond Aware now that you have been doing it for awhile?

Too be honest not much, as far as releases. We decided to take a step back in order to learn the business aspect of having a startup company. We still create but just haven't released anything do to not having proper paper work. Since this has been an on going project it would suck for someone to take our idea because lack of preparation. Everything is good and ready to go now though

What's next?

Where too start!? We have a new drop coming called dial-up which is just a statement to everyone to prepare for some next level shit from here on. I've been designing and plotting for the last few months on the low so I have a full catalog along aside with plans ready to go. Also once the time is right we want to open our own boutique that way we can bring something to the local scene. I'm excited to see it all come to life!

Besides BA, any other projects or plans Going on?

Yeah I'm always working, I've truly embraced the independence as not only an artist but also a business man. I've started my own marketing firm which has been taking off and given me the freedom to be self employed completely. Definitely a blessing. I'm also working on a tape called "bluescholar" which the militia team has been helping me put together. It's an idea I've had since 19 but timing is everything especially when creating. In between all of that I find time for my education. I'm only 6 classes away from receiving my Bachelors. Can't wait to get that out the way because it seems like I've been in school forever.

Why do you do what you do?

For my family, friends and community. I want to show that anything is possible if one sets their mind, heart, and hustle to it. As cliche as that sounds but it's truly the only way to prosper. The day I asked myself why not me is the day my aspirations turned on.

Who or what inspires you And why?

A lot of people and things inspire me. I'm a student of life so i find it everywhere. One day I can be watching Tupac interviews, Kobe highlights, listening to music, have a conversation with friends or strangers, read a book, try food, or see a painting and feel a certain type of way. I mean life is too active to just be allowed to be inspired by one so You got to be open but also know your ground.

What are your top three factors you would attribute to your success?

First it would be my faith. Not only in god but in myself. Two, It would have to be my team. I have been blessed to have supportive people stand by me and work together for the bigger picture. Three, I would say the hustle that I was born with and learned from watching my parents. Nothing is owed too us, we have to go out and get it.

Tell us about your biggest fear and failure ?

I would have to say my biggest fear is not accomplishing my purpose in my lifetime. I mean .... what more can you fear if we are all going to end up in the same place sooner or later. As far as failure , I constantly fail but I look at them as learning experiences now. One thing I do know is that my biggest failures come when I rush so I'm learning to be patient and take my time.

If you can change one thing about this world, what would it be and why?

It would have to be egos. I mean it's OK to be confident in yourself and hold a standard but now it has simply turned into a monster. Everyone thinks they are a public figure and can do or say whatever the fuck they want without thinking of the repercussions. So if we could tone that down I believe less jealousy and hatred would exist.

In the next 10 years where do you see yourself?

If I get blessed to live 10 more years I would like to start an actual non-profit organization, I say actual because many people start one for the grants and live comfortable off of those funds which they are just taking advantage of the system. No, I want to be self funded where I can help not only the youth from my country but others as well with resources they lack. So I don't know physically where I would be but I know what I will be doing.

RIBS for the Week of 9/23/2015 featuring Epyk, Evil P, RasJosh Beats, Ars N Nay, Spok Beats, Rokem and more

                                        Reviews In Brief from staff writer Tristan Douglas’ week

1. Evil P x RasJosh Beats collabo

This instrumental collaboration between Patrick Placentia and RasJosh speaks for itself. But I’d like to add that this track makes me think of Ice Cube maddogging people in a lowrider.

2. Epyk- Feeler

Epyk is a really nice guy but you wouldn't know it from his raps


Bone Solyd and Rokem – Jazz Spectrum

Really enjoyed this EP. Fresh, melodic, chill stuff. Check it out!



Ars N Nay - The Launch

Just bumped this whole album; great stuff. Ars n Nay are confident without being cocky, smart without being boring, hard-hitting but still chill. Both MCs are solid and engaging, their beat choices are always on point. I appreciate their depiction of working class life in the I.E. and the 626.


5. Spok Beats – Lions9

Real beat heat here folks ‪#‎chamberrecords

*****************************************************Tristan “Tanjint Wiggy” Acker is a staff writer for JooseBoxx and member of the Inland Empire’s West Coast Avengers. Catch more of their work at, follow Tristan on twitter @Wiggism or e-mail him at