Friday, October 2, 2015

RIBS for the week of 10/1/2015 featuring Fatfinger, Mr. Sham, Tomi Favored, MC Mega, King Dice, Calmfixup, Nsmokiee and more

                                     Reviews In Brief from staff writer Tristan Douglas’ week

1.Hip-Hop Alchemy by Mr. Sham and Calmfixup ; video by the Sham

A single and video for Mr.Sham from WCA’s upcoming S.H.A.M.(“Sean Has Awesome Magic Music”) project! 



Ina Njo – Tomi Favored
This song is dope. ‪#‎iemusic‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

3. MC Mega- Reborn (video) dir. by Komboa

From October of last year through February of this year when people would ask me, "who is that artist dude in your garage?" I would show them this video  I loved this video then but even now as Brandon Bailey operates under new monikers such as Gandalf the Black, B. The Wizard, part of Bass Shamans and more, it seems more apparent than ever that this song and piece showcase a lot of the themes that would be and are still important to this creative force.

#upc #urbanpoetscrew #gtb #reborn #megazord


Fatfinger – Collard Green Linguinees ft. King Dice

FatFinger and Dice come ill over a ridiculously mean Fatfinger production; check out this track and FatFinger’s diverse, funky and nerd-tinged bangers on his page linked below!

5. Propaganda Tumor - Nsmokiee the Raw God

Dope recent video by the Chico-based, Pomona-originated homie Nsmokiee during a visit to So Cal.

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