Tuesday, March 19, 2019

After Hours with Calligraphy - Episode 1 w/ Noa James & Lesa J

The homie Callig has some dope ideas in that head of his. Not only is he killing it with his coffee shop called The Reverse Orangutan located at 440 E Rte 66 in the city of Glendora, California but he also started a web series slash late night show! This is what it is according to the folks at Productive Culture and the man himself:

"Calligraphy brings in his first guests Noa James and Lesa J to after hours. Noa and Lesa talk about their personal journey, Noa's health and the health of the hip hop community. Lesa j gives great advice describing things she learned the hard way."

Hosted by - Calligraphy
Produced by Productive Culture
Director of Photography - Duo
Executive Producer - JMKM

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