Friday, July 31, 2015

Reviews in Brief Week of 07/31/2015 feat. Notiz Yong, RasJosh Beats, Herbalistics, Noa James, Curtiss King, Nat the Lioness, Spok, Mega, Bonnie Blue

Reviews In Brief from staff writer Tristan Douglas
1. SoundCloud Overview: Notiz Yong.

Late last year I listened to all of Notiz Yong's SoundCloud. Y'all should do the same. His voice is crazy. It's like hella low and different and he uses that shit like an instrument. His style is just as seasoned on the oldest tracks as the newest on his playlist SoundCloud so the whole list plays like one huge album. He produced most of the beats. He’s an outstanding musical force. In the words of Johnny Greaseball from the Herbalistics “ Looking at Notiz Yong get down and seeing the raw rap machine this fool really is. He's not a newcomer. He's not a tourist in unfamiliar territory, Notiz Yong is a staple of the hip-hop community in his own right, dependable as ever to be at a show tearing down everything in his path.” This is my favorite song of his so far check it:
2. RasJosh Beats – Rastrumental 12: Ras Reggae Dub.

I keep bumping this. RasJosh Beats lays down a chill reggae dub using only the sounds from his Maschine. One to puff and chill to. more Ras Josh at and @rasjoshbeats on Instagram
3. They Say by Spok Beats, Bonnie Blue, MC Mega, Nat the Lioness. Beautiful organic drum and guitar sounds with an eye popping set of MCs. All 4 artists (MC Mega,Bonnie Blue, Nat the Lioness, Spok Beats) involved in this song are super dope. You won’t go wrong listening to all the work of all of these artists.
4. Noa James and Curtis King – It’s the Common Ground.

Since I finally did my Noa James research late last year,this song has consistently been a staple of my chill playlists.
5. Smooth Biscuits – The Herbalistics. My fave chill 'Listics song.

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