Friday, May 22, 2015

West Coast Avengers' The Inland Empire Strikes Back Album Release Party (05/20/2015 @ Cal State San Bernardino in San Bernardino, Ca)

From Left to Right Top: Aldo Manuel, Ras Josh, and Jordan "Calmfixup" Meneses
Bottom: Wiggy Woo Tanjint
 and Sham
The collective? Wait, no, the band? The rap group? It's hard trying to label these guys but what I do know about them is they are a talented and DIVERSE group of musicians that go by the name West Coast Avengers. West Coast Avengers (or WCA) had the release party for their newest album The Inland Empire Strikes Back on Wednesday and it was dope! Live performances from Zzay, Notiz Yong, Nat the Lioness and Nikki Harlin were the accompanying side dishes to a superset main course mixture of cuts from the first WCA project (W.C.A.) and their latest. The night featured emcees spitting flows, poetry, turntablism, and dope beat sets from WCA's Ras Josh, Jordan "Calmfixup" Meneses, and Aldo Manuel. Check out some pics from the event below.  More after the break...

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