Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SECONDS (Beats & Eats) - (Local Producer Showcase) - June 11th 2013- (Digital Flyer)

Check out the flyer for this month's SECONDS producer showcase! Crazy dope lineup!
Wanna know more about this event?
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SECONDS (Beats & Eats) is a monthly showcase for producers doing their thing...not only locally..but INTERNATIONALLY!! 

Of course you can go to this event and vibe out to the musical creations of  some our generation's DOPEST producers but that's not all you'll experience while at SECONDS. Behind every producer showcasing their audio art is a CRAZY collection of visuals ranging from film of the brown bear in his natural habitat to visions of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man brought to LIFE! These extraordinary visuals are provided by ASCENDED L.T.D, who also provides the monthly flyers for the event. I promise will not make it through the night without feeling some type of goosebumps.

But WAIT!....There's more! 

If you need a break from the awesome-ness occurring in the front room and the side room ( lit only by BLACK LIGHTS and filled with Art pieces, some of which glow under said light source) , make your way to the back room and get in line for $1 TACOS!! After you've gotten your grub and hooked your taco up to your liking , make sure you hit the bar and get you a little something to sip on! I had a couple V8 Splash Margaritas when I went to SECONDS but hey.. they have water & soda too for all you non alcoholics :) you've heard some dope music.. met some cool people...saw some dope visuals....ate some bomb ass tacos and had a couple drinks! You are WINNING!! 

But wait....
(you guessed it!)

Now... I am a very religious and spiritual individual. I was raised in the Church of God in Christ and my faith was built on strong beliefs regarding the way to live and what to stray away from. With that being said... in the backroom ...amongst  the chaos of hungry hip-hop heads...there is a red curtain that sorta blends in with everything else....BUT....behind that curtain is an experience that can change your life! 

Providing Tarot and Astrology readings for the night is October , a very spiritual young lady with a calm about her that will put you at ease as well. Now going back to my own spiritual background, I have always been taught growing up to stay away from Crystal balls, Tarot cards, and horoscopes. Now that I have had sometime to experience life without full parental consent needed for my every move I have opened myself up to new experiences. When I went to SECONDS, honestly.. my desire to get a reading was highkey through the roof but I withheld on my urges, until the end of the night when I was dragged by my Libran accomplice behind the curtain. I won't go into any more details but I will say that I see things in my life alot clearer after the session with October and I am definitely tempted to see what else is in the cards this TUESDAY. She doesn't know it but I slipped a couple extra dollars in the donation bottle that night. It was THAT GOOD! 

I left SECONDS feeling like a new person and I highly recommend you experience this event for yourself!

SECONDS happens every FIRST TUESDAY or EVERY MONTH! Plan accordingly!:)

OpenxHouse - Genius Creator of SECONDS who will be celebrating his birthday at SECONDS
(aka my GEMINI twin haha! )


David Judah - Owner of MACHINE POMONA , the home of SECONDS and several other art and hip-hop events for the community. 

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