Friday, June 1, 2012

Review of Curren$y's "Stoned Immaculate" Album

So it’s been awhile since I reviewed a drop by an artist in the industry but an album stream for Curren$y’s “Stoned Immaculate” just showed up on CSNW and I’m curious to hear how it sounds. Last project I heard from Curren$y was the Verde Terrace mixtape which I reviewed on JooseBoxx months and months ago. I didn’t really like it. ::shrug:: I’m anxius to hear if this one will be any better. I like Curren$y but just wish he released better music. Let’s check out this album tho.

What it Look Like ft Wale
I’m lovin the instruments on this already…. Is that Wale talkin’? Why is doing the intro? & his verse is first?! Naww I don’t like hearin’ someone else first on someone’s album. That’s confusing. What if I didn’t know who Wale was and what his voice sounded like? I’d think that Curren$y was Wale! Get what I’m sayin?.. Beat is dope tho… and Wale’s verse is cool. I don’ really like the hook though. Where da fuck is Curren$y at tho! I’m getting anxious… Okay here he go! Good ol Curren$y! Killin’ as usual…This song is cool… minus Wale.

Privacy Glass
Ugh! Beat is sounding beasty already….On some other shxt!
One time for the weed.
One time for the bitches who don’t mind being called that. That’s love.
This shxt is fly. Makes me feel like I’m sittin’ in the back of the limo with the window cracked with only my shades and forehead showin’. #swag lol Love Curren$y’s adlibs too… nigga mumbling; saying 5 different things. Haha! Creative. High ass!

. Armoire ft. Young Roddy & Trademark
Oh okay. So far I’m not feelin’ this beat at all but lemmie let it ride for a minute. Stunna goin’ in but this beat holdin’ back his talent. This that trash. Sounds too cluttered to me. Sound like mixtape shxt.. not nothin’ for no album bruh! Guess you can’t like em all. What’s next.?

Take You There ft.. Marsha Ambrosius
I love Marsha so I’m hoping that I enjoy this joint. Hmm beat is cool but there is something I don’t like about it…too much treble crowding the smoothness of it. Wish it didn’t even have drums on it. The hook comes in kinda random to me. Marsha’s vocals shine as usual.  A bit loud for my liking but the hook actually allowed me t enjoy this second verse a lot more. I can vibe a little bit more now. Still kinda iffy bout it tho but here comes the hook again.  Eh

Oh okay… this shxt smooth but it’s a headnodder. Instruments and sample are a bit off key at times. Drums are dope tho.. makes this seem like some ridin’ music. Producer seems like someone still learning but well on their way to greatness.. I mean shxt! You got a placement on Curren$ys shxt. I ain’t even mad. That arp just sounds rookie’ish to me. Cold track tho.

Capitol ft. 2 Chainz
It’s a little brighter in here than usual
Hmm I feel like Curren$y is ridin’ this joint a little differently… Lowkey got that 2 Chainz essence and that’s prolly why he got the man himself on this joint. The beat is cool. 2 chainz verse is up . Nigga said:
You know what time it is like 2
Wow. Lol Okay. He getting’ off lowkey. Highkey! Good shxt. Hook is trash tho… L Kinda tired of this track *presses next 3:50 in*

No Squares ft . Wiz Khalifa
Happy to see these two collab. I always enjoy what they do together. Oh okay. This beat different as hell.. Still sound rookie but shxt is nuts lowkey. Diggin’ the sample.
I chase that money down like it said something bout my mama.
Lol. I feel that. I’m noddin along but I can’t really understand what Curren$y is sayin. My nigga slurrin’ like he on suhn! ::shrug:: ….I ain’t mad at that tho… lol or am I?.. but anyway.. I’m just waitin for Wiz’s verse now… okay here it go

I’m rollin up an insane amount of smoke

FUCK! I tried to rewind and it restarted the song! Wiz was getting off too! Ugh!...

Sunroof ft. Corner Boy P
Hey! Ain’t this that same sample SchoolBoy Q killed!... small world… smh.. so far I like the other one better but lets vibe with it..

Money in my bank account. Money in my denim
Money in these bitches brains. They be tryna get it.
Eh! idk. I’m vibing but shxt just gets too sloppy for me to enjoy. L Corner Boy P killed off tho so I will give him his credit. I made it through the whole track tho! J Sounds better when your listenin not to critique but just to vibe to.

Chasin’ Papers ft. Pharrell
Been waitin to hear this joint. Sick so far. Beat is a head nodder. Seems like it’s missin something but the drums sick.

Chasin’ that paper like it stole something of mine

Hmm. Concepts repeated twice on the same album? I guess. I think Curren$y is a street poet. I’d like to just read his lyrics without him rappin’. Sick shxt.
Okay. Pharrell on the hook. It’s cool.. wait is that autotune. Oh okay interesting changeup… lowkey sick but the autotune is pissin’ me off. Sick how it came back into the verse tho. Cool track. Wouldn’t put it on a mix tho.

That’s the Thing ft Estelle
I’ve been compared to Estelle a couple times but I haven’t really heard too much from her that’s AMAZING so I’ve always been a little iffy on her but let’s check her out on this track. Hmmm… the hook is cool. Sounds like she losin’ her voice a little but she has a special tone. Oh okay.. She goin’ in after the verse tho. Nice harmonies! I like it. Interesting collaboration. Curren$y’s second verse is pretty dope. I hear him thinking bout the future. Maybe having a girl or a Jr. if he make enough money off of his music career. I feel that!  The bridge on this joint is a bit basic to me. Sounds like a regular collab. & some of the notes Estelle hittin make it sound she is straining to hit them. She killin’ tho. I’m on the fence about it all still. ::shrug::

Well… I checked out the first 10 tracks. I’ll leave the rest for you to check out yourself. After hearing the couple tracks I’d have to say that I like them. Didn’t really fall in love with anything and there isn’t really any track that stuck in my mind like “My nigga I gotta run that shxt back!!”…. but I will say that Curren$y is lyrically gifted in a style different tan most rappers and I respect his creativity. I do wish the production on the album was better as well as the mixing and feature choice. Even the big names didn’t impress me much and overall the album fell a little flat from the expectation my peers made me have. I’m gonna check out the rest of the joint right now so… yall have a good one.

Lyrics/Delivery 4/5
Beat Choice/Production 2/5
Concept/Creativity 3/5
Personal Enjoyment 3/5
*** stars out of 5

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