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Review of Lenier Davis’ “Cranberry & Vodka” Mixtape

Review of Lenier Davis’ “Cranberry & Vodka”  Mixtape
It’s been awhile since I dropped a review of ANYTHING but I’m back. I saw a post for Lenier Davis “Cranberry & Vodka” on Facebook right now and even though I’ve played it through already I thought I’d do a quick review. Let’s get it!

So Smooth
The flow sounds like the Lenier I remember but with a little more swag. I can already tell I’m gonna enjoy this more than past projects. This track got me wanting to roll one as we speak. I am enjoying Lenier’s lyrics especially the way he just speaks what’s on his mind. Oh okay he said “swag” at the end of the record. Hmm. He might be onto something. Let’s check out the rest of the type.
Chill ft. Chris Calor
The production on this joint is pretty cool. Nothing super mind blowing but it’s “chill” ;) Honestly Lenier sounds like he is blown while recording this.. the flow is majorly laidback…a little elementary at times but I could relax to this. Now who is Chris Calor.. I’m anxious to hear the collab on this joint. Oh~! It was produced by Chris Calor.. my bad… ::shrug:: cool lil joint. What’s next
Roll One
Oh this beat is sick so far! Lovin’ Lenier’s beat choice somewhat. One thing that is turning me off is the fact that every song I’ve heard so far is about weed. This concept kinda died with Wiz Khalifa to me unless you come differently with it but Lenier does kinda have that Curren$y type randomness with the flow. I think a video for this joint would actually be kinda dope… The 2nd verse is kinda turnin me off to the song… the flow is diff so I like it but the words are eh! He’s losin me. *presses next*

Full Metal
I like how he is chantin during this intro. It’s like subliminal. Man I was with you on this track surprisingly until I heard a mistake.. smh can’t let those slide.. but surprisingly I’m back with Lenier again. It’s something about the flow. Reminds me of the freestyle type tone I hear whenever I hang with cats who wanna spit off the dome right quick. It’s like spontaneous lyrics and a flow to keep the lyrics on rhythm. I like it!.

Bel Aire Gwap Dreams
I’m sleepy so this song is kinda puttin’ me to sleep.. Well the beat is so far. Track is cool with vocals.. Hook reminds me of the homie Fontaine but Bel Aire Gwap gang.. it’s not bad to have a unison type sound if you are on the same team. ::shrug:: I just wish the verses stuck out a little more. I don’t remember anything I just heard. Hmmm
Ride High (prod by Chris Calor)
I’m diggin this beat.. the vibe is dope and I guess the topic matches it…. I can imagine laying back on a couch in a room full of smoke. On this track I actually enjoyed the verses more than the hook…. But that’s a good thing. J For instance this second verse killin’, It’s like I’m listenin to what your sayin’ it really feels like some high ass thoughts. Not too many punchlines but saying things like :

I want some facetime
But I aint talkin bout no iphone
Your face my dick
Baby lets get it on
Suck it till its dry hoe
Then you gotta go

That shxt is raunchy as hell but you might miss the creative points in lenier’s raps because the flow is so choppy and lazy. A critique of this song is the mistakes.. allow no flaws in the final mix… just rerap the verse ::shrug::

Listen To your Heart

This remind me of something Lil B would get on and the intro was pretty “Black Flame”’ish. I love Lil B but I’m not feelin’ this track L “What’s next?”

Crusing Music (prod by D Stackz)
Shoutout to D Stackz. This beat is chill as hell. The hook on this joint is a perfect description

Lay Back this that crusin music
So smooth and laidback
That’s why we crusin to it

Verse pretty cool.. Lost focus till I heard you call Fontaine gay.. smh grimey! Lol but only a true friend could get away with it..Sounds like Davis freestylin’ on this joint too.

Life Under the Scope
Interesting beat. Got a couple components in there that a like contrasting with somethings that annoy me a little. This doesn’t sound like Lenier. Sounds like a feature. If it is him. It’s kinda weird that it sounds different now that I’m listenin’ but I think its him because of the flow. Now I’m convinced that Fontaine had something to do with the tape. These hooks keep reminding me of him. Be careful. If you are gonna do someones work make sure your identity comes thru even still.. If I’m wrong… my bad . That’s just what I keep hearing.

Magnificent Life (prod by General Beatz)
The beat is pretty dope. I also like the concept for this one. I can relate. Workin’ hard to try and get that magnificent life that all rappers dream about. I feel that! Keep grindin’ Lenier. Oh and shoutout to Rich I.E for getting off on the collab. I see the growth in the both of you.

In A Nutshell
Alright. I only reviewed 10 tracks.. I’ll let you be the judge of the rest. I am impressed by the growth on this mixtape versus the last joint from Lenier Davis that I heard. The flow has improved. The lyrics have improved. The swag is on max. There is something missing though. When Lenier figures out what it is….I think we may have something ::shrug:: But I’mma have to burn this to a cd and burn one to it with the homies and see what they think. I’m out. Enjoy the rest of the mixtape.

Lyrics/Delivery 3/5
Beat Choice/Production 3/5
Concept/Creativity 2.5/5
Personal Enjoyment 3/5
*** stars out of 5

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