Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Corner- "Three Stages of a Relationship Part 3"

Have you finally gotten used to being single? I understand. I’ve been single since May of this year and though most would still consider me “newly single”, I’ve already adjusted to my new relationship status. Okay so let’s say you met somebody new and you guys hit it off. Great! It gets your adrenaline pumpin’ a little and you feel like maybe “you still got it”! Maybe being single isn’t so bad after all! Who knew?! But what happens next now that you have “new prey” locked into your radar? This may not be the case for everybody but , it seems like what usually follows next can be classified into three stages: The Honeymoon Stage, the Reality Stage, and The Decision Stage.

Part III: The Decision

Unfortunately for some people, they go through “The Reality Stage” after they have already committed themselves to this person. Hopping into a relationship during The Honeymoon stage is inadvisable. Learn about someone before you rush into a relationship. A lot of times people think that just because they have told someone their deepest & darkest secrets, they are in the clear for a relationship now. Well I’ve noticed that people let these secrets out either right before or after they begin having sex or at least getting to third base. Sex is the center point of the Honeymoon Stage. Please do not let it hinder your vision from what’s really going on! Sex & relationship are two different things and if you did not figure that out quickly, you are probably one of the people who noticed too late that you don’t really like the person you are with. Now it’s time for you to make “The Decision”. You can either run away from “the reality” you just now noticed or you can stay in your relationship and work on the things you do not like. Relationships can often be just that….WORK! Save yourself the trouble and focus…. Relationships are a big part of life and can majorly effect what happens the next couple months or even YEARS in your life! Choose the moves that you make wisely and you can find yourself starting the three stages all over again….during your ACTUAL HONEYMOON! ::Shrug:: who knows?!
xYung Miss aka Danielle Phoenix

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