Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Love Corner- "His Phone"

Nooooooo!, Don't do it! I see you about to go for his phone!

Invasion of privacy is completely wrong. I know there are times where we all feel a bit insecure,  see the phone of our significant other laying around, and get tempted to be sneaky and go through the phone for our own peace of mind.

Going through the phone, no matter how you justify it, demonstrates lack of trust. Peace of mind? This is not about "peace of mind". This is about control and lack of trust - don't lie to yourself about it either. Going through his phone, makes you out to be his "Mommy", to see what he's up to. No guy wants to date or have sex with his "Mommy".
If you need relationship reassurance,...that starts with you and trusting him. Take his word for what he says to you and believe him rather than think the worst. Otherwise, end the relationship because you won't be able to give that relationship what it needs to grow.

Most people claim to do it out of "curiosity". Well, just because one may be "curious" about what it would feel like to be shot by a gun doesn't mean they to go and do it.
 What will probably end up happening is that you are going to misinterpret a message that you find, get mad at him and the conclusion will be that he gets mad you because you were incorrect about what you are accusing him of. He will then come to the conclusion you were snooping. FAIL! You've heard my opinion, ladies and gentlemen, what do YOU think?

xDutchess of DOPE

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