Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Recent Video Round-Up with Kill C Rey, Theez, Heks, Broken Pixels and Warhead


Song: Kill C Rey 
video: Kill C Rey & Eddie Rangel

A really fresh positive and real video from Kill C Rey just dropped and everyone should take a moment to take it in for real!

"A Friendly Reminder" 
Song: I2J & Theez 
video: PBK

Some hard-hitting street spit from I2J and a familiar killer Theez, peep the fire!

                                                          Song: Heks Bundy 
                                                      Video: New High Filmz
I love how Heks puts his syllables together mathematically and musically. Check his grimy I.E.-ass rhymes over this well-executed viddy from New High Filmz.

"Game Over 2017"
song and video by Broken Pixels

Broken Pixels blew my mind with this music video that turns all of their favorite video games of 2017 into one narrative- come for the concept and stay for the banger.

                                                 "The Art Of Imbalance"
                                                  Song: Warhead

                                                  Video: @mountupproductions

I like the trippy video editing and the always hard-hitting social commentary in this really nice piece about balance and the lack thereof. 

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