Friday, September 18, 2015

RIBS (Reviews In Brief) for the week of 9/16/2015 ft. Asend, Kordisepz, Mr.Sham, Belzar, RasJosh Beats, Kaine

from staff writer Tristan Douglas’ week

Asend Beats – After Hours EP

Asend is an MPC-wielding boom-bapping funkmaster who keeps a doobie lit. Don’t miss his soothingly melodic and chill first release, the After Hours EP


Kordisepz- Infekt & Rejektz beat tapes

Both of these whole tapes are dopeness… Kordisepz knows hip-hop but he sounds destined to score crazy films in my opinion. His music will challenge and entertain you.

Rejektz was put out by Us Natives, Peep them at

3. SoundCloud Overview: Mr. Sham
                  Mr.Sham is the artist that not only got me more into poetry and spoken word but also got me into the melding of the two. As one of the main MCs in West Coast Avengers, he provides fun nerdcore paintings in verse form but as a poet in his own right he is one of the most formidable image-machines and expressers of the heart that I have ever come across. His recent works with RasJosh Beats “Prowlin’” (co-produced by GL Kool) and “Robbin’” are dark and spacious in their booming post-society yet urban sound. Others with RasJosh such as “Geronimo” incorporate nerdcore and uptempo bass for a fun and still slick product. As West Coast Avengers (full disclosure: my group!) enter the half year point of promoting their latest LP (The Inland Empire Strikes Back), expect more leaks from their individual members like this…

Kaine aka NoEnd MC - "Ramen & Tacos" Teaser & Bad Chemistry EP

      NoEnd Emcee AKA Kaine of Institute Esylum is one of those dudes who has crazy bars and when you stop and listen to his work you realize it’s an incredibly cynical and razor sharp perspective on society, human nature and institutions. Check out his Bad Chemistry EP for some ear candy and peep his new “Ramen & Tacos” teaser and get hyped for his hella IE-repping project coming soon.


true life- Belzar Beats

Just listened to all of Belzar's beats. He has a ton of bangers, check him out!
Tristan “Tanjint Wiggy” Acker is a staff writer for JooseBoxx and member of the Inland Empire’s West Coast Avengers. Catch more of their work at, follow Tristan on twitter @Wiggism or e-mail him at

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