Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rappers I Know + Illregular Instrumentals presents J Bizness - Chops: Vol. 1

ITS BIZNESS NIGGA!! & he is back with another one!! Inland Empire super producer J. Bizness just dropped a bomb on the I.E music community with "Chops: Vol.1" an 8 beat long collection of the rawest sample chops you've heard in a minute! Bizness encourages you to try and guess the samples used! Go for it after the break!

1) Darkness
2) Many
3) Arvee
4) Picker
5) Forest
6) Gall
7) Jo
8) Nightmare
All beats produced by J. Bizness for Illregular Instrumentals.
Cover by FWMJ & J. Bizness

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