Saturday, January 4, 2014

ACRONYM (@MisterBrooks_) & (@MarkusPr1m3_ ) - Straight to DVD (Album)

Imma keep it real. I went to high school with Mister Brooks, the producer half of ACRONYM. I used to be at all his basketball games watching him break ankles and hit threes! Now that we are older and I am listening to his music, I feel like even if he never picks up a basketball again he still hitting all net with these beats!! Now as for the other half of ACRONYM, Mr. Markus Pr1m3 is a genius! After becoming Facebook friends through Mister Brooks I have became an instant fan of not only his music but his artwork! I dream about it. I love it. It deserves awards. I WILL be adding a piece to my collection soon. Check out the album cover! Genius! Regardless, this duo is definitely one you should keep an eye on. Talent bubbles up throughout their body and is present in whatever they do. Enjoy as well after the break!

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