Monday, June 17, 2013

Marlee East - Lucid (Mixtape Stream)

Marlee East , formerly of The California Renaissance which also included lyricist Sin Marlee, Stevie Crooks, and Chris Ness, just dropped a short mixtape "LUCID".... Check out the mixtape and quick review after the break!

I'm listening to the mixtape while I post this and I must say.... Marlee East is the bizness!! The most slept on.... Big L reincarnated... Sick as hell!! Whatever other ill compliment you can think of!... He kinda has a flow that might have you comparing him to Kendrick Lamar at times but at other times his originality holds its on! He also reminds me of joey Bada$$ at times too just because of his realness and ability to paint a picture of the street life he comes from. But enough of what I think..... Check out the mixtape and his most recent visuals below!

Marlee East- Daze (Directed by The Phony Franchize)

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