Friday, May 31, 2013

Moses Sumney - Dwell In The Dark (Audio)

Moreno Valley's own ,soulful vocalist, Moses Sumney just recently released his new single "Dwell In the Dark", a guitar backed showcase of Sumney's like-butter vocals and Grammy-worthy lyrics.

Catch Moses Sumney LIVE at The Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles every Monday in June opening up for none other than the soulful sister-cousin girl group KING (Listen to Kendrick Lamar's "Chapter Six" on Section 80 for a quick reminder then GOOGLE THEM !! Trust me! You do not want to miss the chance to see either of these acts...I'm driving down! It's a must...

Plus.. I fell in love with Moses the first time I saw him walking around my high school campus. So tall & chocolate!! Mmmmm... My bad yall..! Check him out...:)


  1. Thanks so much for putting me onto THIS! Such an amazing piece of artwork. Great post. ;)

  2. No problem. Moses is destined to do great things. Its a blessing to witness it all. :)

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