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Review of David May's "The Lifestyles of a Dream Chaser" album (Part 1)

I swear I saw David May on GrindTime now , years ago, rap battlin’ …..but he insist that it isn’t true…So I have had the pleasure of listening to some of Mr. May’s music & finding out who he REALLY is!!.... David May is a member of the infamous Inland Empire label Black Cloud Music, along other talented emcees such as Noa James, Curtiss King, Art Barz, etc etc etc.. ( the list of artists associated is quite impressive). With the drop of his single “Strawberry Lemonade” back in June 2012, David May began to get his followers excited about his future project “The Lifestyles of a Dream Chaser”… Well.. Its been 5 months and the album is finally here! So without further adieu I am ready to dissect this album track by track and decide whether I think David May is close to achieving his dreams or living in a nightmare… LETS GET IT!!!

Intro (These Dreams I Hold) (Prod by Mr. Kooman)
Starts track…
Ah! Clip from that Will Smith movie “Pursuit of Happyness”… Always motivational… heard it used before tho but fitting for the album’s theme.
Ah again! Mr. Kooman on the beat? I remember him from my soundclick days when there was always a battle for the top spots on the instrumental charts.. Kooman was the guy to beat!! Smooth beat… bass, live drum, and guitar heavy…hear some piano in there too…
David May spittin’ chill bars to match Kooman’s production….The lyrics aren’t really standing out to me in any parts tho… Wish his vocals were a little louder.. the hook is nice… I mean it’s Tony Bennett singing but hey..I can vibe to it… I’m ready to hear more tho.. what’s next?

Climbin’ ft Waju & Phantom Thrett (prod by J. Bizness)
This sounds familiar… Think I saw him perform this joint live… J. Bizness on the beat! Bizness always provides the perfect instrumentals to vibe to. May rode the beat well… I enjoyed his verse….
Phantom Thrett on the hook… I like the vocal arrangement.. wish the mixing on the layers blended a little better… less low notes in my left speaker and highs in my right…. You feel me.. dope hook tho… love Thrett’s vocal talents…
Waju on the feature verse… Killin it as always.. Recently I have been highly impressed with everything Waju does.. the combination of his flow and lyrics is unfuckwitable at the moment. Dope!
May tackles the final verse on this joint touching on the subject of success …

“Let passion be your God”
I can relate to this verse.. Grinding in your city… Working hard so people can hear what you’re passionate about.. I feel that! Great song! J

Strawberry Lemonade (prod by Black Light Music LLC)
Ayyyy!! This my shxt! Props to the producer on this joint.. makes me wanna hit the blunt and hop in a pool… I remember the video for this joint.. shxt was clean but I wish May was on a beach with a bitch & a blunt.. but ::shrug:: to each his own ideas lol…
Some might consider this just another “weed song” but bet they vibe to it tho!
If you can’t stand the box get out and stop bitchin’

Never Satisfied (Prod by Tyrannosaurus Flex)
Oh lalaaaa!! Loving this jazz sample… ugh I love jazz so much… blame my mom.. the drums drop and honestly the sample carries the production.. drums could be better… but regardless D May meets the challenge speaking again on success but more so on reaching his own expectations…
Second verse and the remainder of the song kind of lost my attention tho.. imma go head and press next…

Faith (prod by Curtiss King)
This track starts off with a real soulful sample courtesy of Curtiss King… when the beat drops.. I expected more from the drums but this is really chill… Can’t complain…I’d smoke one to it! ::shrug::….

Imagine your wildest dreams coming true
David May begins spitting bout his dreams and whatnot… this a pretty cool track speaking on the topic of the album title…. His flow is kinda slow on this joint…
& ive been running full circle
But ive never cut no corners running through a track with a lot of fuckin hurdles

the mix on this joint is clean as hell… & the production makes it really sound like David May might ACTUALLY be in a dream…..I like the hook on this joint.. should’ve had some extra singing behind his vocals and the singing on the sample..woulda been nice….
The fx vocal interlude is a nice touch….the screwed part that follows is aight tho.. wish the vocals were a bit deeper to get the full effect..could do without it….cool track tho.. J

The Lifestyle of a Dream Chaser (prod by Brook Beats)
& here it is.. the title track of the album!
D May gets off on this joint lyrically!

When I see the black and whites then I toss my roach

He speeds his flow up a lil bit but then changes it up shortly after towards the middle of the verse….
The hook is cool… not really one you can sing along.. I’d need a script!
Verse two sick tho! Bridge Part A & B are pretty dope too J

Intergalactic Hangover ft Noa James (Prod by Curtiss King)
Uh-oh! 3 of the Black Cloud Music members coming together to collab on this joint?! Should be dope! Love Curtiss’ sample choices…. Some of the intro cuts seem a lil off timewise but when the beat drop it made me forget that I even noticed it! ;) Didn’t really pay attention to the first part of May’s verse but he killed it toward the end of it… may be start head nodding.. Noa James on the hook!

We say peace to our enemies
We keep a piece for our enemies
The color of our energy is Hennessy
The color of our energy is Hennessy

Oh shxt! Noa killin his verse…
Fire like the thighs on Mya?! Sheeeshh lol… got damn Noa… you didn’t have to kill it like this tho!! From start to finish… major props! I gotta run that shxt back a third time…end of this joint dope as hell too… props to Curtiss!

She Fucks With Me ft Damar & Ceenario  (prod by Mr. Kooman)
Production is nice… I’m nodding along waiting for the vocals to start…
May’s flow on this joint kinda reminds me of Curtiss King’s… :-X ..just here and there tho…

I’m drinking & drowning all the memories
Its crazy how we went from best friends to enemies

The hook is cool… vocalist seems to be struggling on the notes a lil but they got the right concept… arrangement is dope regardless..

If this Andre Damar on the second he killin… I feel the emotion in his flow.. Props for that!

Outro interlude is interesting lol.. I like it! J

In A Nutshell
Alright… I listened to about half of the CD and told you my opinion on the tracks….Imma check out the rest a lil later & tell you what I think as well as rate the project as a whole…but don’t wait for me… CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!! 

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