Friday, March 30, 2012

Review of Noa James’ “Intelligent Elegant Elephant : Humble Power” EP

It’s been months since I had the opportunity to meet and interview Mr. Noa James. It’s an experience I’ll cherish forever. Now I have the opportunity to finally review some of his work. So let’s get to it and check out what the “Intelligent Elegant Elephant” has to say.


1990 North Raymond Ave ft. Phantom Trett

Classic type beginning. Then Noa comes on. Automatically it reminds me of his live show. The flow is chopped up into sections but the lyrics are raw. Phantom Trett on the hook, I assume. He has a nice voice and the hook lyrics are pretty dope but something about it is a little off. Hmm can’t exactly call it. Let’s see if I can next time it comes up.

You can’t tell I’m happy? My heart and my minds in a different place

I lost weight and I gained faith

Honestly Noa’s flow is not the type I usually enjoy. Too much space between the phrases and it sounds elementary sometimes but the emotion in his voice brings me back in whenever I find myself losing interest. That’s a good skill to have as an artist. Rawness

Humble Power ft. Faye Valentine

I like the production on this joint. I think I’ve heard this track before. Maybe even watched a video as well! I like this joint. Even though I haven’t been impressed much by some joints I’ve heard her featured on,I think Faye Valentine did her thing on this cut… Two thumbs up! Smooth shxt. As for Noa James…. I kind of wished he would have softened up his voice for this joint. He still coming off raw and this joint is more like a vibe track. Woulda liked the big cuddly teddy bear that I know is inside of Noa James to come out for this one. ::shrug::

Brezell Allen ft Ms. James

Oh la la… I like this beat! Ooh weee…. & Noa James doing his thing.. I see you.. Different than what I’d like to hear on a beat like this but Noa stays true to his style and I can’t be mad at that! I like the hook as well. Thought it was a male singer at first but guessin Ms. James is just a tenor. I ain’t mad! The hook is really soulful and gives the open mic sound to the track. Noa killin’ the second verse! Bridge is nice as well. Solid track!

Leticia Musgrove ft. Paddi Stone, Jynxx, & Curtiss King

Bong hits! Oh how I miss them… ::sigh:: but anyway… Okay female rapper on first verse.. Nice touch. She goin’ in too.. Ay! Paddi Stone? Good shxt! I’mma have to look her up. I like her voice and flow as a combination. Almost reminds me of Honey Cocaine but less “ratchett” lol. Jynxx up next I’m guessin’. Interesting flow and voice. Noa comes on with the rawness again sounding like he blacked out while rappin’ & just decided to go in. Gotta love it! Where Curtiss at though?! Did I miss something? L Was looking forward to his verse.. Must be him on the beat.. If so.. I see you Mr. King!

Dark Passion ft Faye Valentine

Sounds like some 70’s porno type shxt in the intro lol. Choppy flow from Noa. Fits tho I guess… Faye killin this joint too.. damn… I’m finally impressed.. Hooks are on point. Enjoying this second verse from Noa James a lot more than the first. The flow “flows” a lot better and I find myself nodding my head as I type. Then the hook comes on and Faye steals the show… ugh! Ending is sexy as hell too…. One of my fave tracks on this EP so far.. good shxt..


UGHHH!!! RAAAWWWWW!! I remember he performed this track at the Glass House.. came on stage with a Jason mask.. belly bouncing …sweat pouring… UGHH!!! Raw! Lol… Loved it!

It’s the muthafuckin’ MONSTA!

“The rappin’ version of Yokuzuna”yup.. pretty much a great description of Noa James as an artist! Body slammin’ niggas! Lol

I will never be a believer that Keri Hilson is the new Aaliyah

I fuck ya bitch while she pregnant and bust a nut on your unborn daughter’s tounge

Haha! Wow.. I member hearing him say that then he made this face à -__-

CLASSIC! Love this song!

Speak It! Ft Javonte, Thr33zy mcFly, & Curtiss King

Smooth shxt. I like the beat.. how it goes from that snare to that smooth ass clap.. Beautiful! Lovin’ this hook too…. “Speak it into existence” Beautiful! Great choice of features for this joint. Everybody did their part and the result was an amazingly chill ass track. Two thumbs up!

“Told my mom I sold a beat & that’s a doorknob on her mansion” – Curtiss King

Damn I feel you on that one bruh!! Tryna get my mom a Benz… So far I got two tires toward that bxtch! I’m working thooo!!.... Lovin’ the vocalist as well… Great job!

In A Nutshell

I was feelin this EP. Pretty great example of Noa James and his style. If I had any advice I would say be more creative with the flow and find the balance between your style and your creativity. I’m excited to hear more. So far his music makes me wanna smoke a blunt and crump! Lol ::shrug::

Flow/Delivery 3/5

Beat Choice/Production 4/5

Concept/Creativity 3.5/5

Personal Enjoyment 3/5

Grade: 70%

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