Friday, March 16, 2012

Review of LP’s Mr. Penland & The Library

Man so I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to drop a review.. My bad yall.. Blame it on my new work and school schedule but I haven’t forgotten about yall! Tonight imma be reviewin’ an album from my boy LP, formerly from the two man group Square Biz alongside Moreno Valley’s own Theory Ole. He dropped this like what…last year? I’m not 100% sure but he sent it to me and I never got a chance to check it out so tonight I’m putting my phone on silent and checking out “The Library”. Let’s get it! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE EP AND LISTEN ALONG!

Learning to Live

Oh okay… the song starts off real simple but when it drops and the vocals come in it kind of reminds me of a 80s type of techno-pop love song. I especially like the harmonies in the hook. Very creative. The verse is a bit simple…from the beat to the way the verse is delivered. It has me really wanting the hook to come back already…. But let me rewind and take a closer listen to what exactly he is saying.

You kicked me in the teeth

As I was headed for the door

& I can see you speak

But I can’t hear you anymore

Okay! I see you…. Different but I really like that last line. The mixing and mastering on this track is extra clean! Props to whoever was the engineer behind this track. Beautiful work.

The bridge is simple but maan! Nuts…that stutter of the vocals was pretty dope… J Nice track.

Picture Of You

Hmm… not sure if I like the production on this joint. Seems a bit simple and the sounds are a bit generic but let’s see if the rest of the song delivers. Okay! LP starts singing and I really like his verse! Almost makes the verse ten times better….I really enjoy LP’s vocals. I don’t hear any struggle in the execution of him hitting his notes and his tone is like a piece of crystal dipped in cream. Lol weird visual right?! I mean I’m just sayin’ he isn’t like a Luther Vandross with runs all over the place but his vocals are definitely clean!!.....But anyway I don’t think I like the hook on here too much … it’s like along with the beat it comes off a bit corny… The verses on this joint kill tho!... I like the bridge too… The beat actually changed up and got interesting for a minute. I do like the hook lyrics too just not the overall sound of it all together.

I’ve got a picture of you where ever I go

A sweet reminder from you to me that I’m never alone

Straight No Chasers ft. Theory Ole

Okay! Square Biz!! Let’s see what they do with this one!... I like the fact that even though the beat is a different type.. the style still relates to t he other tracks I’ve heard so far… The hook is pretty solid… I like it! Time for Theory’s verse & he doesn’t disappoint as usual.

I aint got a lot of time so I’ma give it to you straight girl

One shot, one glass is all it takes girl

& she complainin she don’t like the way it taste

But the salt around the rim make it easier to take girl

I woulda liked to see a video for this joint. It’s never too late! So I see this is a showcase track for Theory with LP just on the hooks so far. That’s cool.. Hope LP at least does a bridge on here tho.. Let me keep listenin’…Hmm guess not.. What’s next?

Time ft. Theory Ole

Another piano ballad type track. This isn’t my type of track and I’d usually press next on a joint like this but usually the boring tracks are saying something deep so I’mma rewind and check out the lyrics.

Time is all I fear

Its why I just keep runnin’

The quest for love was all that you and I held dear

With the beat still in your head

And the good book by your bed

We will survive

Seems like it would make a dope poem read at an open mic but the song is making me sleepy and it is 1:53 in the morning *yawn* I’mma keep listening tho. Oh! I found a line a like!

Good friends well you can count them on one hand

And they’ll never judge you no matter your crime, crime, crime

I know that I can include you

& youll forgive me in the fullness of time, time, time

I like the piano runs in the back. I don’t think that’s what they are called but in the ending hooks listen closely… You know when a child starts at a high note on the piano and runs their finger all the way to the lower notes? Yea! That’s what’s goin on! What’s that called again? Oh.. Theory is on this joint too? Lemmie change the title . One sec. Okay. Done.

White Lies

Last track! Let’s see if LP ends it with a bang! Lovin’ the beat!!! Ugh! DOPE!! Quality sounds a little low on this joint but it might be on purpose… I’m digging this. It kind of reminds me of Calvin Harris and/or The Eurythmics. Love how the quality comes back in clean. Dang! This song is lowkey amazing! This is like a song I’d see a video too in the morning while watching mtvU on campus at Moreno Valley College.

White Lies, just another white lie

I do it to get close to you

& I will tell a million more

Who the fuck produced this shxt?! FourteenK? LP did you do this? This is epic as hell! Lovin’ it!... Whoever made it.. Major Props! This is something Kanye woulda hoped his ass on and killed a verse…. Sorta like he does with his singer…uhhh dang! Ummm Mr… Mr…Mr. Hudson!!!! Yea! Him! This reminds me of something he would do to… I WANT A VIDEO! Make it happen!

In A Nutshell

I am pleasantly surprised by this EP and I wish I would have checked it out sooner. LP you get some new found respect from me. You are definitely an underrated artist in the Inland Empire. Your style is unlike what most artists out here are doing. I’d like to hear more.. maybe work with some new producers….and new features…. Keep your engineer tho!! You are definitely onto something. Can’t wait to hear more… Keyword: GET IN A STUDIO!!! ;)

Flow/Delivery 4/5

Beat Choice/Production 3.5/5

Concept/Creativity 3.5/5

Personal Enjoyment 3.5/5

Grade: 73%

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