Friday, March 16, 2012

Interview with Producer/Engineer Freak James

I was recently able to get in an interview with Moreno Valley Producer/Engineer Freak James who is also the man behind Full Range Inc., one of the most popular studios in the Inland Empire right now. Enjoy the interview ad read it if you are interested in learning more about the producer and his business Hustle Hard!

YM : How are you? Lol
FJ: I'm great.. a bit tired.. but that's normal (don't sleep much)

YM: Trust me...I feel you on that one! For those who don't know you, can you tell us a little about yourself? (age, background? Any basic info you'd like people to know about yourself)
FJ: My name is RJ.. a few know me as Freak Jamez. Not a rambler so I guess I'll just say I'm an engineer/ producer/ artist/ writer.. I love music & movies.. lol. I own and operate Full Range Studio in Moreno Valley, CA. I have a pretty long list of clients.. longer for engineering than production (so far).

YM: How did you get into audio engineering and production? How long have you been doing both FJ: I got into engineering through my desire to produce with no real help on either end. So I ended up self-teaching. I've been doing both 10+ years, let's say.

YM: How did the Full Range studio get started? Or what made you decideto open one up?
FJ: Full Range had been a home studio for years.. it was just called "RJ's".. lol. In my last place it was in a bedroom. The vocal booth was a closet under the stairs. I was doing other things for money, besides engineering/ producing at the time. Those things kinda fizzled out so I decided to expand the studio. My (artist) partner & I had already had a company called Full Range Inc., so I just used that as the studio name.

YM: Same here! So what do you think about the future of music in the. Inland Empire? Are there any artists in the area who "stand out" or are underratted, in your opinion?
FJ: The future of music in the IE.. The future is a hard call. I do know that there is some amazing talent in the IE. Many though, don't understand what it truly takes to make a break through in the biz. There are a few that stand out for sure. To avoid seeming biased I'll leave it at that.. Can't have my clients pissed at me for leaving them out. The underrated part, not so much.. I think the "rate" part comes with some hustle. If you're very talented with no hustle/ grind, its your fault nobody's "rating" you. West Coast music overall I think is overlooked thought. That's probably a whole other interview..

YM: What are your rates & Where is your studio located?
FJ: My rates are: $35/hr for studio time.. 4hrs for $120.. 8hrs for $200.. $250+ per song for production (recording, track and mix included). Other specific stuff you may need to call for prices. The studio is located in Moreno Valley, CA.(951) 907-8199 call, text or email ( for the address.. by appointment only so I don't want to just throw the address out there.

YM: Where can we check out some examples of your work?
FJ: Examples of my work.. hmmm.. Almost anywhere in the IE.. most artists in Moreno Valley. I throw some track examples on: but I don't really keep up with it. I have stuff on a few shows on MTV, Bad Girls Club.. just got a couple movie placements.., It may be best to contact me. I have stuff all over the place.. different genres.. different types of recordings (mixtapes, remixes, production, etc)

YM: Any shoutouts?
FJ: Shoutouts.. everybody who records with me.. My inner circle is small.. but my circle is pretty big..

YM: Thanks again for your time :)
FJ: Thank You

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