Thursday, February 16, 2012

Curtiss King- Dues.Paid (Music Video)

In a world where something as silly as beating the holy hell out of a classmate can launch you into overnight Worldstar Hip Hop super stardom, hardwork still pays off. In a field where it's much easier to throw peers under the bus and adopt an "everyman for himself" attitude.. the hungry and humble still win battles. Curtiss King's campaign for a spot on the Paid Dues 2012 bill and consequential victory remind me of the very first moon walk. No, not Michael Jackson! I mean the first moon, on the moon's surface. Neil Armstrong's walk was a small step for  Man, yet one giant leap for mankind. We've watched (and we've participated! ) Curtiss King take one small step on his journey to becoming an icon, but I feel like this is a victory for the entire Inland Empire and a giant leap for independent, hardworking, DIY'ers EVERYWHERE!!!!! #Bow

~King Dice

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