Friday, January 6, 2012

Review of Speak! “Inside Out Boy” Album

Hmm Let’s see….I might be wrong but I think the first time I heard about Speak! Was watching some of UTB Life$tylin’ videos about Art Goons and whatnot.. Correct me if I’m wrong tho. Haven’t really gotten a chance to check out much of his music tho so this should be fun! Let’s get it!

Brain Food (Whats For Dinner)

Okay… I’m feeling the percussion sounds in the back. The vocals on this joint are a little akward but listening to it a lil closer I hear that the speaker is talking about drugs. Sounds like he might be on something himself. Okay here comes SPEAK!

I used to wanna rhyme like Blackstar

Now all I wanna do is sell black tar

Heroine to white girls with them black cards

Bxtch I told you one day I would be a rap star

The production is simple and so is SPEAKZ! flow on this joint… I think his subject matter is what is making him stand out so far. Besides that this joint got a little boring. What’s next?!

Live From the 5Way

Oooo.. I’m loving the production on this joint. It’s that outerspace zone out type shxt. I’m feelin’ it. Verse was cool. I like Speakz lyrics a lot. His flow isn’t standing out to me so far but his words keep bringing me back. I feel like he might be one of those rappers who needs a certain style of beat to be able to stand out delivery wise. Hopefully he has a beat on here that does that for him. Cool track but still not blown away.

Craigs List Killer

Damn… the production on this album so far has been really raw and different. It’s not something I’m really used to so I’m trying to take it all in and enjoy. Once again I honestly think the production is holding back Speakz from shining on his own tracks. The delivery is better on this joint tho.

Do Dat Der

I’m feelin’ this! Lovin the beat… Lovin’ the way Speakz is riding the beat… Yea.. This is what I’ve been waiting to hear. I can vibe with this joint and relate with the lyrics and delivery. I would love to see a video to this joint. I think visuals for the whole project would probably raise my enjoyment and help me maybe enjoy the experience of SPEAK! a little better. I’mma have this hook stuck in my head tho! Imma go ahead and throw this on a mix cd and ride to it. Good shxt! What’s next?

The Rose Parade

Wakin up somewhere in Ladera

Next to a girl with smeared mascara

Her looks say groupie, First name Sarah

Another victim of the Art Goon Era

Yea.. I’m feelin’ this joint too! From the production to the lyrics and the delivery on point as well. The hook is aight tho…. It could’ve been better ::shrug:: Second verse was solid tho….I like the second hook a little more tho. I think because it’s layered. Another cool joint.

Camouflage Hummer

SPEAK! has such a different sound. All I can do is relax and just listen. Wish I had something to smoke on tho. Maybe I could enjoy it a little more.

Yall Know

Beat is nuts on this joint and SPEAK! on his 90’s hip-hop shxt killin this shxt lowkey. Second verse of this joint is my fave. & AFTA-1 is that dude! Good choice hoppin’ on his shxt.

Whatever ft Vince Staples

Lovin’ the bassline on this beat. I like the beat overall too! Vince Staples got me chillin without “the high”… I’mma have to look him up…I enjoyed that verse from him. Hook is nice on this joint. Simple but effective.

Here another clever rap from your favorite hipster faggot

The unfunny cunt young rap Bob Sagget

Who keeps a full house full of bitches like the Olsen twins

And lets them heroine binge until their flying off the hinge

Lyrically, SPEAK! murdered this verse… to be honest.. I don’t think the beat did him justice on this one… ::shrug:: I’m just sayin’…. I love the beat at the end though!

Framboise Menage a Trois

Oh Okay! I remember seeing the video for this song on . The song is dope! Great choice for a single. To check out the video CLICK HERE

Digital Sex

Oh yes! Two thumbs up so far! Different again but I like this… Loving the bongos and synths on the beat and the concept…I’d really like to see a video for this joint as well…. What’s next tho?


If this beat ain’t smooth I don’t know what is!... I could just listen to the beat on repeat.. No offense SPEAK! …. The verse didn’t really keep my attention but the hook brought me back…I think it’s cause I’m so in love with the beat… I’ll pay more attention when that 2nd verse hits tho. Promise! Cool joint… Something to vibe to.


Muhfuckin’ Art Goon

I’m feelin’ this joint too.. I really enjoy the more hip-hop type joints on this album & this one got my head noddin’ a little bit. This could be another single in my opinion. I mean it ain’t for radio but it’s definitely dope! I could imagine a black and white video of SPEAK! in the city showing a day of his life or something like that. Loved it from beginning to end! Great track!

Can You Accept That

This style of track is MAD RANDOM!!! A lot different than what I’ve heard so far but this shxt kills! The beat hits hard and you got C. Green on it? Good choice! First verse gets two thumbs! This some next single type shxt as well!... SPEAK! havin fun on this one sounds like… & I know I’ve said this several times already but I’d like to see a video to this joint too… ::shrug:: …

I got a pocket fulla dough and I’m sippin real slow

& where my night is headed man I don’t even know

But I got that kinda dro thatll make you snap your head back

Couldn’t understand that last line but the hook is pretty solid! Coulda been better ….Coulda took this song from dope to HIT! … Nice joint tho!

Pyrite and Rhinestones ft. Def Sound

Any production with random sounds gets a thumbs up from me… but when the beat dropped.. Kinda threw me off a little.. Guess it’s back to that different sound. SPEAK! ridin’ it well tho. & His lyrics match well. His concept is a little dark though…but I mean.. the album is called Inside Out Boy… & the cover alone should prepare the listener to hear something out of the ordinary! Hook is eh!.... Verse 2 is dope as hell tho!..

In A Nutshell

I mean…if you read the review you already know what I think… Inside Out Boy is definitely something “different” but not so “out of the box” that you get lost while listening. I’d like to hear SPEAK! on some different type of beats….Maybe even more “different” if possible… When I think of “Art Goon” I think of some type of genius. I didn’t hear that in the music. I felt like something was holding back SPEAK! from being that “genius” that I know he is. I hear it in his lyrics but not in the overall music. I do recommend this album if you chilling in ya garage at home smoking one with a few lady friends tho. J

Flow/Delivery 3/5

Beat Choice/Production 2.5/5

Concept/Creativity 3/5

Personal Enjoyment 2.5/5

Grade: 55%

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