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Review of Theory Ole’s "Glass Ceiling" mixtape

I know yall been waiting for my opinion on Theory Ole’s Glass Ceiling album for a minute so I got yall but first imma let yall know a little bout the background story of me and Theory Ole. So I went to highschool with this lightskin nigga….He was on the boy’s basketball team and I was on the girl’s ….We also had Spanish class together…When we weren’t saying alphabets in espanol me and Josh , what I knew him as back then, used to spit punchlines back and forth at each other for the entertainment of our classmates. I realized his talent immediately. Fast forward a couples years since high school, and he has transformed himself into Theory Ole, one of the top up and coming rappers in not just Moreno Valley,CA but the Inland Empire as a whole. Couple years back he released “One Way Trip”….but now he is back with a new found following on twitter and his sophomore effort “The Glass Ceiling” ….. I have nothing but respect for Ole but it’s time to press play & see exactly what he has to say … Let’s get it!

*press play and read along kidz!*

Never Apologize (prod by David Androids)

So It’s finally here…. The Glass Ceiling

The beat starts off and gives off a real futuristic robotic feel. Reminds me of something you should hear in the movie iRobot with Will Smith. I mean.. the producer is David Androids so kinda makes sense if you think about it. Chill shxt. Nuff bout the beat…. let’s focus on Theory Ole…

Life is what you make it right? Shxt make it worth while
My first mixtape was like the birth of my first child
& then my goal is so close I can actually touch it
& these rappers startin to see that I’m not to be fucked with
Fuck it! you can try me at your own risk
Ask me for a feature and I’ll kill you on your own shxt
Just another day at the office
I’m sick and I make these niggas Nauseas

Shxt! How’s that for an intro? Theory Ole has a chill ass flow. I mean…he sounds calm as hell but his lyrics give off a feeling of confidence that is hard to ignore. Everything that he says is basically a message to other rappers letting them know that he’s the best and feels sorry for the rest. That sentence sounds a little corny but that’s what I got from it. So I get it…. His Mission Statement is that he is unfuckwitable. Nice first track…kinda boring….let’s see if the rest of the songs live up to his cockyness.

Pardon Me (prod by David Androids)
& the assurance doesn’t stop with this joint…. Backed by a creative ass beat Theory Ole continues to go in on “the competition” or the lack there of in his opinion. Lyrically, Ole is smooth as hell.

I got money to blow , Watch them bills fly
And imma keep stacking that money till it’s Shaquille’s size

The hook is cool. I’m kinda off the whole Toilet-I’m The Shxt reference though. Wish the hook coulda been more creative…it’s kinda catchy tho. You know what..i mean it is kinda creative… Like excuse me while I go take a shit.. haha.. it’s funny. Anyway! Second verse…His flow changed up slightly but he still sounds like he thinks he’s “the shxt”. I’d definitely like to see a video for this joint.

Believer ft Chris James (prod by Theory Ole)
Shoutout to the singer on the hook Chris James, who is another close friend of mine. Keep an eye out for his project, which will hopefully be out soon. The hook is cool. Straight to the point. Something for the ladies. Theory gets production credits for this joint ….Cool shxt. Nothing too breathe-taking but enough for me to enjoy. I will say that I love the lyrics on this joint though. He tones down the cockyness and spits some real shxt to the ladies. A lot different then the other tracks guys dedicate to chicks, or should I say bxtches. It’s different & I like that. Cool lil track…nothing for the radio but straight shxt regardless. Only downfall is it kinda made me a little sleepy.. Might be the beat though, feels like a lullaby. Might have to take a nap after this one.

Too Prideful (Prod by Theory Ole)
Hmmm nice follow-up to Believer. Good thinking on having this track up next…especially with Theory Ole still being the producer behind the sound. It keeps the concept going. I applaud that.

You think imma call you back huh?
You think you got it like that huh?

I’m feelin’ the concept for this joint. A couple who had an argument and Theory “Too Prideful” to apologize or be the first to hit the other up and be the bigger person. Good shxt! I can relate….The hook is simple too but that “my pride wont” part is catchy as hell..real creative. The production gets a little repetitive…Wish it woulda had a little switchup or something to keep my attention.. Also in the delivery of the last verse…The delivery had me zoned out for a minute…Like it was somewhat repetitive as well…Had me in a trance… I was hopin it would switch it up to keep me …with a pulse?...Whatever..Nice track…just lost me at the end.

Say It Aint So (Prod By Theory Ole)
Hmmm I don’t remember this song when I first listened to the mixtape on the day it dropped. I’ll admit to sleeping on it. Let me run it back and get a better listen. Another Theory Ole beat? Okay I see you….This shxt lowkey raw! Lyrics is raw too!... Sheesh!

Who’s he? He’s Theory Ole (okay)
Can they see me? Nigga please no way
Never went to recess cause a nigga don’t play
Cube said if you scared go to church. Go pray

Excuse the comparison but the end of Theory’s verse reminded me of Drake’s
Verse on “Over My Dead Body” where he says

My city love me like Mac Dre in the Bay
Second album, I’m back paving the way
The backpackers are back on the bandwagon
Like this was my comeback season back, back in the day

Now that I think of it. Theory does kind of remind me of Drake back in his ComeBack season days. That could be a good sign. I mean….Drake been doing good since then… ::shrug:: But anyway… I’m a Drake fan! Take it as a compliment. Second verse kills! Those lines bout subliminal messages your ex chicks sendin.. genius! This shxt shoulda been on Watch The Throne! Lol

Love Drunk ft Kikuyu (Prod by David Androids)
*Slaps the producer* Love the creativity of this joint… Reminds me of video game music… Like Final Fantasy.. Like something that would play while your character is walking through the village asking people questions and shxt.. with rap drums of course…lol smh The bells are offkey tho.. that bothered me but if that’s your style.. ::shrug::.. beat is still dope to me…

The singer and the hook are both a little offkey… I’m old school with notes so blame it on that but regardless this hook is sexy as hell. I wish I could understand all of what the hook lyrics are. I heard “Sit Back” tho… make me imagaine some lapdance type shxt …Like I said Sexy shxt….kudos to Kikuyu… Love Drunk…lovin’ the chopped and screwed vibe…
Damn Theory. You killed this shxt lyric wise…flow like butter as usual…I like how you take the song concept and really run with it… If I was a music video director I’d love to work with Theory beause a video can easily be made off of the story he tells in his lyrics. Simple shxt but it works. Ay! Theory I really do see you tho… You on that poetry tip…I fux with it… Loved the piece at the end. Imma have to run that back…

So last night I got incredibly wasted off of your love
And got behind the wheel of my mind and crashed right into your heart
When the cop arrived he asked if I could walk in a straight-line and I couldn’t
I told him I hadn’t been drinkin that evening he said don’t lie to me
Preceded to check my sobriety

That’s just a piece of it… genius shxt little bruh! I’m impressed.

Last Man Standing (prod by 3rd)
*Speechless* ………………..

Ummm…. Alright.. Here we go.

The string chords in this beat coulda been the start of something great. With different drums and take out that irritating ass single piano note line…and add some bass and lead and piano?!! oh my gosh.. this song could be classic!...On some real shxt… Consider redoing this….and Reusing it… I know as artist we hate to do that but….::shrug:: ….If something we do can be great why not change whatever to get to that? This is some shxt that could get yu signed. Lyrically? This shxt raw.. let me go back to the lyrics. Fuck.. I don’t feel like typing em out.. Yall just check em out… I’m saying… at least consider a remix.. on some Terrace Martin beat shxt …This could be Epic. Dope track.. FIX THAT BEAT!!!! Whooo wait,.. some lyrics:

The lord giveth and he taketh
And as a man you got to sleep in the bed if you make it
But ladies you can only sleep in my bed if you naked
But we aint doin no sleepin’, there aint no reason to fake it

Woooo…. Cold shxt. What’s next?

Blame Me (Interlude) (Prod By David Andorids)
This beat reminds me of the 80s…. “Whenever I’m alone.. you make me feel like I am home again”… You know… that song.. Whatever.. beats dropped and it changed my mind a little but still cool. I have some positives and negatives for this joint. I love the creativity of your lyrics pertaining to how you feel. The opposite thing is creative… but if you say “sometimes” one more time imma dropkick these speakers…. Thank you!.. Glad the hook came in.. I was about to press next lol… Hook is dope… Money really does change niggas tho...but hey! All change isn’t bad Lol

Tonight (Prod by FourteenK)
Loving the vibe to this beat…oh man!... reminds me of the Neptunes…. Props! Imma hit up fourteenk on twitter or something… I’ve seen a couple youtube videos..The hook is aight! The verse is dope tho!... I do the same shxt with my friends… I got some wild ass stories too! Lol I love this beat…Had to say it again before I get to the next song…Hope to hear you guys work again

When You Miss Me (Prod by David Androids)
Man I’m loving this style too…production on this tape is innovative. This the type of shxt to put Inland Empire on the map. Love the Wiz Khalifa vibe of the beat in the lead section… Chill shxt… The hook is annoying but the verse real as shxt…

& I see right through your fake attempts to diss me on the internet
You must think im stupid but don’t disrespect my intellect

Cool…lost my attention for a minute…change it up everynow and then… I felt like I was back in that trance I mentioned earlier. *presses next*

The Driveway ft Dre Biggity (Prod by Yung Miss)
First off… Let me express my gratitude to Theory Ole for letting me be apart of this project. I’m glad we finally got a collab in.. & of course I’m happy to get my production credits in ::shrug::…..Just being real but let’s get to the song..I’mma still keep it real…


I love your tag.. dope shxt…Hmmm Intro is a bit empty…. I was waiting for something to happen…Alright.. verse starts…. I like the fact that Theory sounds more humble on this track…still confident but still taking a second to realize that he gotta work to reach success!.. I fux with that… & then to top it off he has Dre Biggity featuring on this joint?! Dre B is a rapper from the same city, Moreno Valley who found fame with his clothing company UTB Clothing (shoutout to Heffner), which was endorsed by rapper Wiz Khalifa. I think I mentioned in an old review that I got ahold of a H-World mixtape in highschool which featured Dre B, Pheo, Young B & 2Cik (now CikMoney from Black Card Boyz) and I’ve been an undercover fan since so when I saw that Dre had spit something to my beat…You could only imagine my appreciation..

To me… It’s like an ode to the dreams of all the local rappers and producers in Moreno Valley. Who have been wanting “it”.. and are out there making moves towards “it” but havent got “it” yet. Maybe I’m lookin’ too far into it all but I like it.. Whatever! Great concept! I think you deserve the buzz you been getting’ Theory… Too early to celebrate..I feel that… but shxt stay humble and you gon be poppin’ champagne bottles one day celebratin’ something big! Real shxt ::shrug::

Seen It All (prod by David Androids)
Oh my gosh.. The production on this joint is bananas!.... Damn… the train tracks my nigga? Really?.. genius! I’ve seen it all now.. ha! Get it?... Oh wait! WTF!...The new sample and the singer both came WAY FROM THE LEFT!!....Threw me off… I could do without both… or if you were gonna use Diamond in this song.. maybe she coulda sang adlibs or… idk just scratch the whole hook.. shoulda went back and rewrote that…. Ugh… I don’t like the fantasy sample… If the whole track was like thebeginning… this shxt coulda had some hit potential.. I’m kinda annoyed with it! ::shrug:: Just being real.. I can’t like everything I guess. *presses next*

Don’t Fall In Love (Prod by David Androids)
Woooo…..this beat nuts! I like this team… David Androids gon end up being to Theory what 40 is to Drake… shxt… JayZ spit something on a 40 beat.. I could get used to that. But anyway… I like the sound… It’s creative. The verses on this joint didn’t really hold my attention. Though I like the hook concept…the hook is a little annoying to me. *presses next*

Make Room ft King Official (prod by Yung Miss)
Another joint I was blessed to have a hand in…I was going for that chill 90s hiphop vibe… Riding in the car with the top down type shxt…passin’ one around… on the way to the bach.. You get what I mean…

Make room at the top cause we comin for the top spot
Jumpin over you squares like hopscotch

The cocky swag is back. We in the building… MAKE ROOM!....Love the concept…This is my first time hearing of King Official… His flow reminds me of T.I. but more Cali … Straight ass verse.. Fly shxt! Yall niggas on some Pilot shxt. Pin some wings on these niggas!

The Glass Ceiling Outro ft. M. Cheez
Shoutout to Matt Cheez. I bought a sidekick from that nigga. Lol . He’s a funny guy!.... He deep on this shxt tho… Didn’t know he did spoken word… I like what he saying tho…

I wouldn’t advise using something no one can see for your reasons for unachievement
I mean its only glass. Break it!
Whatever you want, whatever your heart truly desires. Take it!

I know Cheez making moves himself so… That really is some inspirational shxt. That’s what I love about where I live…There’s a lot of lazy niggas…but there also a lot with drive. I could start the list of people making names for themselves but no need. Their talents will speak for themselves soon enough if not already.

In A Nutshell:
If you couldn’t tell I really enjoyed this album. I was impressed by it. I haven’t had the chance to see Theory Ole perform but I hope I get to a show soon. I’d like to see how the stage show to this material would look. The sound for the album was really original, which I love. That’s really important when on the road to becoming a great artist. Some people have a gimmick. Others have original music. I respect the originals more. Lyric wise, Theory Ole is a breathe of fresh air in a world full of drug dealin’ gangsta trap rappers... Not sayin’ I don’t like that hood shxt but it’s nice to hear something different. Anyway…. Work on your bridges… That’ll keep your listeners entertained throughout the whole track… You can download the project HERE!

Flow/Lyrics 4.5/5
Beat Choice/Production 3.5/5
Concept/Creativity 4/5
Personal Enjoyment 3.5/5
Grade : B -

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