Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review of Sprit Fangs "Better/Worse" Album

SPIRIT FANGS. Hmm all I’ve heard is that FaimKills is apart of this band. So imma let the music speak for itself. Let’s get it!

The Last Ones Left
Oh wow. I’m lovin’ it already! Love the handclaps with that kick drum… great start….Lovin’ the vocals too…Like scream but not all the way…Raw tho! I’m really glad I like this genre of music….& I’m glad that I get a chance to check out something other than Hip-hop….Good track

Oh yes! This is definitely going in the car!... Okay check this..I got into rock mainly because I used to buy Tony Hawk’s skateboard games everytime they released one and I always looked forward to see what band they’d have on there for me to listen to while I do kickflips over giant burgers and shxt!.... This song just took me back to those memories! This is some official sounding shxt yall and off back I think you guys should look into licensing your music for movies and video games. Just a thought. Oh shxt.. that change up! > lol... Imma need to come see yall live…

Lazy Lovers
Okay I do have a critique. I didn’t even know this track had started. I thought .22 was still playing. I’m not sure if that was the sound you guys were going for or not. If so, you pulled it off effortlessly but if not…wish something a little differently sounding would have came up next. Either way it works tho. Alright let me stop typing for a minute and enjoy the song. The band is phenomenal!

Once again sounds like the last one but I’m guessin’ this is your sound. I need that diversity tho. Slow it down and then speed it back up. Love the timing switch up. GENIUS!.... Wish the vocals on here were a little louder. I hear the rawness in your voice but I want to hear it in your lyrics too!

 Nice to hear it finally slow down. Wish it would have happened a lot earlier. Love the melody of the vocals…delivery was a little too soft at times but then it worked.. especially since he “scream” effect came in right before the beautiful guitar based bridge.. I feel that!

In A Nutshell
Oh how I wish this was longer….I really enjoyed this project tho. There’s not much to be said. SPIRIT FANGS is an amazing band! Point Blank Period. The End. Buy the album HERE

Grade : A -

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