Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review of Fourteenk's "Operation Au" EP

Whats good yall! It’s Yung Miss here with another one… I first heard about Fourteenk after seeing a Music video they did for a “Make It Rain” remix they did with Theory Ole. From there I kept a wide open eye and ear for anything the group released but I missed something! In November 2011, Fourteenk released their EP “Operation Au” & I don’t think it’s too late to check it out and see what this Moreno Valley 3-man group has to offer. Let’s get it!
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I’m already liking the concept… The interview in the intro is original & has me ready to “expect the unexpected”. The rapper comes in with a different flow but I hear what he’s sayin’…. He has that kind of flow that makes people ignore what he’s sayin’ cause the flow is a little “sloppy”… but I keep catchin a couple lines
Need no appointment this position was appointed
By the people. Annointed. Someone get me my ointment
Genius shxt.
Honestly..I keep having to rewind this song….Let me try and focus this time. Production is simple by the way. Made to let the rapper shine I’m guessin’ but its pretty raw if you ask me. I kind of wish as the beat builds in the back something changed about the way the rapper was approaching the beat you know….I feel like I keep missin’ out on deep shxt he is saying because it gets a little cluttered. Love the concept though and from what I could understand he speaking on some real shxt.
Love how it went Kanye maybe bout 1:40 into the song….
Oh man!! Props to the producer for going into Slipknot beast mode at the end… That was sexy lol What’s next?
Dirty Thoughts
I’m diggin the beat so far. Sounds like some dubstep dark sounding type shxt. The production is so different. I enjoy it. It’s definitely “experimental”. Okay let’s see what this song is about tho:
I’m in a new room,(With what?) With some new chicks
Mostly vaginas and a few dicks
Got my niggas tho, so we livin life like stars
I’m finna turn these lights off and grab one of these white broads
I’m feelin’ how the beat changed up a little… Very reminiscent of The Neptunes but definitely different which is good. I’m sure they’ve heard that plenty of times but Fourteenk..If you are reading this..Take it as a compliment.. The Neptunes will live forever in music history.
I feel like the vocals and concept don’t stand out enough tho. The hook didn’t capture me. Lol I’m not moved! ::shrug:: Whatever… Still vibing. I heard
“I wanna see you naked. I wanna see you nude” but I should have been having “dirty thoughts” with the artist the whole time. I kind of didn’t.. I think I was too focused on the beat. Nice track tho.

Lol I actually have a version of this song on a mix cd that plays in my car. It doesn’t have the intro tho. I like that. I love the concept of this & the sound is different. Reminds me of the Neptunes again especially with the change up. I would love to see a visual to this tho. The lyrics and production go perfectly hand in hand so I applaud Fourteenk for this track.
Wake Up (Interlude)

Wake Up

Aww this is beautiful! Yall need to do videos to all of these. The concepts and production and vocals just go so great together that I just want to see a vision for it!. I’d also like to see how the Fourteenk guys perform these live! Man heard the 2nd verse go Rocky Horro Picture Show for a second… on some rockstar shxt. Lol I was trying my best to not make another Neptunes comparison but then I just heard this switchup on the bridge.. …N.E.R.D!!! lol… Great song tho… Even tho.. I never kick em out.. I let em stay for breakfast! J

I’m in love with the production on this joint. I wanna smoke a blunt and make love to it at the same time. Very creative. This is beautiful. I imagine prolly 90% of my day. Lol.
I think the vocals could’ve been a little better…. I think if yall would have shopped this to like Day26 or something like that… No disrespect to the singer…cause I’m still enjoyin this very much so.
Floatin’ on a ferris wheel
I don’t even know it’s real
This is really on some other shxt. Like yall are on some other shxt for real. You got the sound clip from that video about the girl who took LSD….Ha! Didn’t think anyone would catch that! Love it….. & I’m vibin’ with this shxt. Beautiful work. It’s like music people aren’t ready for because they don’t know how to process it correctly. Haha! Yea I fux with Fourteenk for this one!

In A Nutshell

Man! That was fun. If I had to describe Fourteek’s music…Hmmm… I’d say it’s like the sound of sex with virtual reality glasses on. Now imagine that! The group is amazing. The creativity of the tracks is what stood out most to me.
Damn… So.. I thought Imagine was over so I’m writing this final part and that shxt just came back on a nigga one time!... Ha! I love you guys for it!!....
But like I was bad lol… Umm.. I enjoyed the project. Wish there was one more track… I’m like waiting for something else to start playing now and I feel empty. Lol. If I had any complaints it would be on the delivery of some of the lyrics on these songs. It’s like watching “genius” be ignored because it wasn’t given the right light to be seen under. It’s there but can everybody see it?
Lol. Alright I’m done. I’m thinking too much! Two thumbs up! Hope to be hearing more from Fourteenk soon!
Flow/Delivery 3/5
Beat Choice/Production 4/5
Concept/Creativity 4.5/5
Personal Enjoyment 3.5/5
Grade: 75%

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