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Review of Radio Base's “Based On A True Story (B.O.A.T.S)” Mixtape

Okay dig this background story. I was going to Food 4 Less one day and saw this guy with some crazy ass hair. He had his shxt freeform growing. Looked wild but I liked it! Shortly after, I went to a party with a couple of my homegirls and it was hosted by the same crazy-haired dude. It wasn’t until someone on my Facebook posted a link for this dope ass Master Chef shirt that I finally found out some background on this guy. Radio Base, formerly of the duo The Cosby Hype, is a rapper from Moreno Valley, CA. Not only has he created a buzz for himself with his music, but pieces from his clothing line can be seen ,here and there throughout the city, on random teenagers. Radio Base’s profiles also say that he is a signed skater and describes himself as being “Not famous. Not popular” But basically “somewhere in the middle”. Well, let’s check out this mixtape and see if his music lives up to the “hype”.

B.O.A.T.S (intro)
I respect the R.I.P shoutouts (Jamil & Flamez). Loving the music. This really does sound like some intro shxt. Then Radio comes in…..

I remember last year and all these bxtches I would chase em
But this year it feel different cause it seems like I got em waitin
I told myself I quit skating and focus more up on this music
And this talent that I got and my city be tellin me to prove it
But then I got signed for fuckin with that skateboard
So the thoughts of me quittin popped up in my head no more

Radio Base has an interesting flow. It’s like a second off beat but it works. Seems like sometimes he adds an extra syllable where it’s not needed but it’s apart of his style. Radio Base gives shoutouts to fellow local rappers Theory Ole ,Pheo, & Stevie Crooks then goes onto say he’s killin’ the rest of the artists out there. Nice way to be humble and cocky at the same time. Cool intro.

Blammer (Some No Me)
This beat is cool. Pretty simple. The hook is alright. I kinda like it. It’s simple as well.

Most niggas know me, some niggas don’t
Some might approach me but most niggas wont
I don’t fuck with lames, word is bond
Just cause I rock, I aint made of stone

The verses are simple as well. Track is cool. Didn’t really impress me. Just some chill shxt.

Bring It Back ft Slay Inc. & 2GGS Chiffa
Okay. Rappin’ on that Travis Porter “Bring It Back” beat. This my shxt! I don’t know if this “on my mama” shxt is the hook but it’s eh! I like the verse though….His flow is chill but he cocky with it. It works for him. Yea that is the hook. Lol. It coulda been better. Rapper on second… Slay inc. I like his lyrics but his voice lowkey annoying. I think if he fix his delivery he woulda killed his verse. The next rapper gets what I mean! His delivery is cold! If the two combined lyrics and delivery they’d both improve. Cool shxt tho. The last rapper had a straight verse. Props for it!

This beat is dope as hell. I kinda don’t like the Tyler the Creator line re-usage. The rest is cool. Woulda enjoyed this better if it had (freestyle) behind the title…Cause this is what this sounds like. I like the Big Sean flow tho… Radio did that shxt well.

Great Scott (Outro) ft Slay Inc
Think I got the songs outta order but whatever.. Leggoo! Ay! I like Slay Inc on this joint! This the emotion that was listening in the last verse he dropped on this project. Wait! Maybe I’m trippin… Thought it was the same person. It don’t matter. Didn’t hear Base on here but the dudes ripped this beat. Good shxt

Great Scott
Aww love the intro! That’s my movie right there son! I’m tryna get some "Pursuit of Happyness" money too! Guess this is Base’s turn to rip the same beat.. Let’s hear it! Oh okay! Base killin’ on that shxt….Almost reminded me of Jay-Z for a minute and that’s a great comparison! ::shrug:: Just sayin’. Like the Theory, Glass Ceiling line….lol good shxt….and the outro is clean as hell haha…random but cleaaan!

Hammer Time ft Young Sam
This beat is pretty ill as well. Verse was cool but there is something bout his flow that still reminds me of Tyler the Creator. It’s botherin’ me a little. Young Sam up next. Big Ups to Sam… He been makin’ moves. Ain’t he fuckin’ with SODMG now? Good shxt. Verse was straight! Nice feature.

Hot Hands ft Samuelz

I got a Harry Potter blanket so yall bitches can’t see me

Lol I get it! Beat is cool. I’m startin’ to think Radio Base is an Odd Future fan! I hear the inspired sound. I mean I can see why… not to compare but I know a lot of skateboarders rock with Tyler and Casey Veggies and the rest of the OFWGKA crew! Samuelz killed this shxt! Propz!

I Don’t Know Her Name
Ayyyy! This beat go! Remind’s me of some A.V LMKR shxt! Got me tryin’ hard not to do the ratchet clap! HAHAHA I’m mad as soon as I typed that shxt the beat did the fuckin’ ratchet clap! Lol that’s whassup! I’m feelin’ this… prolly cause this my type of shxt…::shrug:: I’m prolly gon end up puttin’ this on a mix cd. Good shxt! Sure I’ll hear this at the next local party I go to.

Joe Story (Block Boy Gossip)
Storytelling shxt. I feel it. Not too many people can still do this shxt and do it right….& I mean.. you did the concept justice. I’m actually listening to the story and can picture this whole scenario in my mind. That’s art. Beat is nuts! On some epic shxt! Props to the producer! Wish you woulda gave some prod by shoutouts in your song titles.. Maybe next time?

Junkies (Gimmie Those) ft Alex Cloud
Like that room look like a store line.. I saw one of Radio Base’s last mixtapes and old boy got jerseys and everything hanging on his walls and shxt. Make my closet look like the Good Will! Lol Alex Cloud’s verse was pretty straight.. with his voice, I feel like he needs to change up the delivery a little bit to stand out more.

Kick Back ft Lil Jeff

Ay you can’t have a kickback and not have red cups my nigga

True shxt. We be double cupp’n them white joints tho! ::shrug:: This beat is pretty dope… Perfect for the song concept!
I know you drunk but watch my shoes

This shxt need some Rick Ro$$ adlibs…. Woooo! I’m feelin’ Lil Jeff’s verse. Good shxt! This a long ass song tho.. Almost pressed next.

Mega Man (freestyle) ft So Icy YG
*cooks* Oh my bad! Lemmie listen… Oh okay! I fuckz with anybody who fucks w/ Mad Dog …. That’s my shxt! But anyway….first-class shxt for a freestyle. So Icy’s verse started off dope as hell…fell off a little toward the end but still solid shxt.

Ms. Skateboard ft Kevin Scott
I love Erykah Badu but I’m mad at hell at how offkey the sample is with the beat…. C’mon producer….whoever you are! I see what you were tryna do butshxt.. Change the pitch if you need to.. it’s possible! Now that I think of it.. I’m kinda mad I didn’t sample this shxt first! Lol Verse cool on this joint.

Nuthin But A Block Thang
Classic beat. I’d ride around playin’ this shxt just cause! Great choice!

Otis ft Chills
I like how the beat changed up…not really..but a little.. Shoutout to Chills for the feature! Glad you did the bounce back shxt like ye & jay….shxt was straight.

Romans Revenge
I liked the beginning of this shxt. You were goin’ in…. I kinda zoned out towards the end tho…Lemmie press rewind. My bad! Alright… I see you.

West Side Moven (Drippen Like Water)
This beat knock…. I enjoy Radio base on club shxt more than anything. He seems to kill that shxt with no problem. I’m thinkin’ like the next YG ::shrug::

In A Nutshell
The mixtape was cool. Honestly, I know Radio base can come with a lot better. I’m talking… better quality, more original production, better features….the flow was nice… and the lyrics were on point too! I give him that.. Fuck the mixtape shxt… I wanna hear an album! Like o some official soundin’ shxt. You got the whole city behind you…. Now do something with it! Looking forward to hearing more from him tho & I’ve been tryna get a Master Chef shirt for like MONTHS! So get at me!... In the meantime, you can download the mixtape HERE

Flow/Lyrics 3.5/5
Beat Choice/Production 3.5/5
Concept/Creativity 3/5
Personal Enjoyment 3/5
Grade: C

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