Friday, October 14, 2011

Fresh Squeeze Friday "Rose Tierra"

Meet Rose Tierra!

Turn-ons: A man with ambition who knows what he's doing with his life and how to treat a woman. He Doesn't play games and goes after what he wants. Extremely straight forward guy who can make me laugh and is not easily intimidated, so they can handle my personality lol. Sexual turn on's would be playing in my hair, sucking on my earlobe, and slowly letting your fingers explore every frame of my body. Physically I like my men taller than me and not to scrawny with a nice set of pearly whites, but personality & maturity far out weigh looks

Turn-offs: A bum who's just trying to get by in life and is always asking me for money. You need to have a car and/or be attending college and have a job. I hate indecisive people who never know what they want out of life, liars who lie over irrelevant things, and guys who just view me as a sexual object, i have a brain too

Currently Listening to:The Carter 4

Favorite Movie: Menace to Society

What do you do for a living/ What do you study in school:

Partner in family business, model, studying communications

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