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Review of Young Nephew's "Should Be An Album: RELOADED" Mixtape

Alright tonight I’m checking out, Inglewood’s own, Young Nephew. Shoutout to all my Inglewood peoples…. ;) muuuwaah! But anywaaayyy….. I don’t remember where I have heard the name before but it sounds so so familiar. I’m not even going to take a guess at where I first heard about Young Nephew. I’m meeting him now. Let’s do it! *presses play*

Aaayyyy!! This that “ratchet” music.. *prepares mind mentally* I fux with it tho! .. I like the beat… simple shxt but that’s all you really need with beats like this.. As long as the beat bang you good. It does get kind of annoying 1:20 in because of how repetitive it is.. Young Nephew has a cool little verse but I like the hook better. His lyrics are comedy tho… raunchy… but funny as hell!

“Watch me get famous from this song.. that’s so sad.. that’s so wrong!”

Lol I mean hey! ::shrug:: …. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song did make him popular. Watch you got next tho?

Charles Barkley
Lol daamn… Whoever is doing this impression is comedy! Cool lil intro..Wish it would have been the first song

I’m So High ft Lamar
The beat is chill as hell. Love the little radio DJ announcer type deal. Official shxt. I would love to see a video for this. I could imagine Young Nephew in whatever whip he decides to ride in with a female in the passenger side while he hits the swisher during the pauses in his verse. I’m feelin’ this. Is the singer Lamar? He did his thing! The beat is smooth by itself.. but with this singer on it… classic. I like.

Ghetto Gospel
Interesting title. Ooh just heard the first lines.. had to run it back! Lemmie type em out for yall!

“A couple things I wanna discuss. If you smoke grab a lighter, if you drink grab a cup
Uh! Now quick question who even heard of Neph. But that was a number I just expect
How many times a killer gotta kill to get respect? How many niggas we lost in the street cuz disrespect?”

Man! Ain’t that the truth..I just said I don’t even know where I heard about him from! Nephew speakin’ some real on this one. I don’t know if I’m feeling the hook tho. I get what he’s saying but with such dope ass verses the hook should have hit a little better.

“Just because you go to college and get a degree, don’t mean you wn’t be working McDonald's with me”

Sheeesh! Crazy thing. I’m like 5-10 units from getting my AA and really wondering what the hell imam do with it! Smh now I gotta start thinkin’ bout that Bachelors if I want that real money but anyway GOOD POINT NEPH! I’m witch you! Education is important though..I’m hoping one day even a diploma will be celebrated in the workplace!

I'm tryna' be big like the lips on Jay-Z

I really like this song and it helps me understand Young Nephew a little better. He has some real shxt to say but feels like no one will listen if it ain't about ass shakin’ & he may be right. Good shxt.

Disguise ft Noiz
Two thumbs up for the production on this joint. I’m guessin’ this is Noiz rappin’ cause it sounds different than Neph on that last track. I like this though. I’m hearin’ some real skill. I enjoyed the first part of the verse a little more than the end of it tho… you lost me a little bit when you started talking bout Xbox and shxt but good verse Noiz. The hook sounds like a verse. Wish it stood out a little more. Oh okay this is Neph on second. I love his voice…westcoast shxt! He just going thru everything he loves and even gets sarcastic towards the end.

I love ridin' round in my truck with no gas, police behind me, love ridin' round with no tags
And I love how y'all talk bad about ya boy. I love my daughter to death but I want a boy
I love how I'm not booked for shows, I love lookin’ in my closet not seeing clothes
I love how I'm harassed by the fuckin' cops because I'm on parole. Man fuck the cops!

Setting The Bar
Did you produce this Young Nephew? I like it. This shxt is funky!

Pockets fat like the back of Forrest Whitakers neck

Lol dude got jokes.

No Illuminati but y'all niggas can’t see I (eye)

The flow is cool on this one but the second verse is losin’ me…like I really wanna see what’s on the next song. Sooo uhhh… *presses next*

Stuck On You
This beat is alright. Sounds “commercial” but let me not judge it off of that because that can be a great thing. Reminds me of something Glasses Malone would hop on for the radio.

“I’m stuck on you, no glue, things I wanna do to you, have no clue”

The singer is cool. Reminds me of some “The Cataracs” or “Far East Movement” type shxt. This is definitely for the radio.

Monkey ft Plies
Wait. Plies? Oh okay! *listens* lol oh Plies is in the sample….I’m mad now! Had me excited for you getting that collab! This is alright.. the ad libs on this joint are annoying as hell. Just being real. This is something I’d hear the DJ play at the club for like a verse and a hook then mix it with “My Shit Bang” or something. Lol . NEXT!

Bad Than a Motha ft Dj Dre Ghost
Okay Young Nephew tryning to get his vocals on. It’s aight. Should let them put more autotune so you could actually hit them notes. No diss. Autotune really corrects your pitch. I’m all for using it for the right times. Verse is cool. This isn’t really the type of track I enjoy especially after hearing everything else I’ve heard on this mixtape so far but I wanna check out DJ Dre Ghost. Oh… he cool… couple nice lines nothing spectacular.

Mama hotter than a cancer stick

Lol. Alright Let’s keep it going.

The beat is nice. Wish the quality was a little better. Love everything goin’ on in it too. Wait! I swear I just heard a DJ Mustard scream in the background! Lol Honestly, I’m not feeling this one and with 21 tracks on this mixtape I think you could have honestly left it out.

Daamn… intro? I guess the tracks I have are outta place but Ima go head and listen anyway.

This a man behind the bars but yall don’t care. Ja Rule.

Wait! Ja Rule is in jail? Awww no bueno. Guess people really don’t care. ::shrug:: smh. I don’t know if I’m feeling this one either. It’s chill. I like the punchlines you coming with but I feel like not enough of them are “hitting”. Love what you sayin’ tho…Real shxt bout the music industry.

Grown Man 101 ft Mirage
I like the beat! Vibin’ with you. I didn’t really catch any lyrics that stood out but I guess this ain't meant to be lyrical. More so one of those “get her in the mood” tracks I guess. The singer Mirage is nice. Couple off-key ad libs in the 3rd verse but besides that she did a good job.

What Happen To Us ft Aj Jaye
Ooh this beat is beautiful. Reminds me of something my little bro fResH B would make. Good shxt. I really wish producers could get their shoutout in the song if not on the title. I hate not knowing who the genius is behind the boards. Cause this beat is dope as hell. Young nephew had a cool little verse on it too. Wish he would have got a Lloyd type singer on the hook that would have just been past sexy. Aj Jaye on second. Quality went down a little bit…sounds like a new rapper. Cool cool. Wish his delivery was a little stronger.

Pocket Full of Hundreds
I saw the video for this song last night. Big cars, bad bxtches, and big chains. I’m kinda confused now tho. On a lot of his tracks, Nephew talks about how it’s sad that in the game a chain is more important than the talent. I just feel like it’s a contradiction. The song is cool tho just wish he would have approached it in a way that made sense with his other message. I feel you on needing a single tho. The people gotta dance to something.

Watch Me Go (prod by J Hawk)
You said in your last song you don’t make jerk music but you got one of the best jerk producers in the game making the beat for your next track? Weird! Major props to J Hawk! The dude is beasty! *cat daddys* lol I like this track tho…got me noddin’ and shxt…

Oh okay. This is the song that was playing at the end at the end of your “Pocket Full of Hundreds” video… with that big booty female! Sheeesh! Lol Nice little swag type track.. Should have got Soulja Boy on the hook lol. I like the Chris brown, Shannon brown shxt. Lol All yall light skinned niggas look alike! Some ad libs would have set this shxt off tho! Like a Woooo! Every now and then lol ::shrug::

G’s Up ft Aktive
Aaayyy!! I’d jerk to this shxt my nigga….Like I could see a circle of little niggas dancing to this shxt on YouTube. Rejecting down an aisle in a grocery store lol I like it. Props to the producer.. sounds like some Young Platinum shxt. Aktive is dope… He got the right sound. This song is on the mixtape twice?

One of a Kind
I like the beat but can’t really hear it cause of the singing you are doing on top of it. I don’t know if I’m feeling that. Damn then you come in dope with the verse! Ugh makes me wish you wouldn’t have sang a note on the hook ‘cause I almost pressed next but the verse is nice. Might wanna think about doing a remix and getting a “singer” on the hook.. this shxt could be a hit.. Reminds me of the type of music the rapper Skillz does. Hot shxt. *slaps the piano player on the beat* You betta go head!

Can’t Get Enough
This reminds me of some Curren$y type shxt. You killing it tho. Chill ass West Coast shxt.

G’s Up ft Aktive
Wait. Hold Up Wait A Minute. I said earlier that the song was on the mixtape twice but this is a totally different song. Might wanna peep out the mistake on your tape Neph cause I like this shxt .. Storytellin’ shxt lowkey. Crazy ass situation tho. Smh I don’t know why people put themselves in situations like this though. Is the money really worth dying for? Never that.

Feeling Like Jason Part 2
& lemmie guess.. you bouta go retaliate? -_- smh… Honestly.. that’s why I moved outta Inglewood…Niggas is rowdy as hell!

In A Nutshell:
I like Young Nephew but I am a little confused. I heard a lot of real shxt on this mixtape and appreciate him sharing his thoughts. I just wish he didn’t do things like talk about people making songs bout certain shxt then he makes a song about what he just said….nevermind. Nephew has a great West Coast sound and I could definitely hear him on the radio. This mixtape was long as fuck tho and now I gotta rush & get ready for work. Looking forward to hearing more & Young Nephew you are right.. This Shoulda Been An Album… minus like 6 or 7 tracks on this bxtch. You can download Young Nephew's "Should Be An Album: RELOADED" Mixtape HERE

Grade: B-

xYung Miss aka Danielle Phoenix

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