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Review of XXstract's "The Commercial" Mixtape

Local Talent

I’ve heard of 22 year old Moreno Valley rapper XXstract before way back in the day when I started doing music as well but I never really gave him a solid listen. A couple days ago, a fellow local rapper by the name of Wet Baby , who has a feature on the mixtape, linked me to “The Commercial” in hopes that I’d check it out! I’m all for supporting any local talent so without further a due let’s press play!

“The Message”
I like the feel of this…. perfect for an intro. The production is dope and XX is goin’ in with his own personal style of lyricism. I can’t really understand what’s being said in the hook but I enjoy it nonetheless. He killed the second verse!! Lemmie see if I can jot down some lyrics for you guys!

“My ex girl is moving on
said she was waitin on a nigga too fuckin long..
she tired of me poppin in, poppin out,
I had deep feelings that’s without a doubt"

I definitely enjoyed the whole second verse on this joint enough to even replay it! The end of the track reminds me of the effect Kanye West uses on some of his tracks. Really creative…props to who ever engineered this track. It sounds hella clean!

“Betty Boop”
When the beat starts it reminds me of a typical Lex Luger beat especially with the way the producer did the signature key change that Lex does. Couple points deducted for non originality… Double XX comes on with a flow that reminds me of something I’d hear on a Wiz Khalifa x Rick Ross mixtape. Even with the lack of creativity I still find myself vibin’ to this joint… the hook is pretty cool.. “Bad Bxtch! Call her Betty Boop” lol I like that!

“I Can’t Hear U”
The beat is pretty dope! Phone samples creative as hell and the bass drum on this shxt knockin’! XX remind me of a mix between YMCMB and Kendrick Lamar if you can imagine that!... I can see him doing shows with Tyga and Kid Ink

“I let ya bxtch flirt but I aint fuckin’ with her
I’m more likely just to
pass her to one of my niggas

Mook got the weed, Spook got the trigga Just in case we gotta do a nigga”

Song lost my attention about 3:08 into the 4:30 song… What else you got XX?

“Pop That”
The production on this joint reminds me of a soundclick beat but I’m still vibin’…I could imagine a video to this joint. This is one of those songs that sounds better with a visual to it. XXstract is not that bad a singer. I’m not sure if I should thank the auto-tune or not be regardless it sounds decent and that’s what matters. I actually enjoyed the vocals on this more than the rap verse. ::shrug:: . This is my first time hearing J Holly… he’s pretty cool…nothing breathe-taking but he doesn’t “SUCK!” . He def got some dope lines in there but others fell flat and woulda made his verse a lot better if replaced.

I see my boy Wet baby’s name on the title.. I’m excited to hear what these two came up with. I like the concept and the vibe of the track reminds me of some shxt kanye might spaz on! Kinda wish he woulda went that route but this is Double Xx’s project not kanye’s and I still enjoy this joint. It reminds me of music you’d hear on them monthly Coast to Coast mixtapes! You might wanna think about submitting some of your work to them XX. It’s a good look! Wet Baby killin it’… He has a very distinctive voice and approaches the beat with a monotone flow that works for him.

“I’ll Go”
Sounds like an “Auto-Tune” part 2 and XX even mentions the last tune in th beginning of the track.. Good thinkin’!

“I’m a real nigga! If I got a problem imma tell you how I feel nigga”

lol I feel you.. Wish there was more emotion in the track…The verses lost my attention but the hook always brought me back.

“Even Close”
Beat is cool…. Gets better towards the middle when those strings come in and when it breaks down! I’m tryna get the concept of the track.. I like the “O O O! “ part of the hook.. the second verse on this joint is a lot better than the first. Flow reminds me of Wiz & Drake but with Double XX’s voice… The hook and song style remind me of something I might hear on a Yung berg mixtape. The beat on the end of this joint is dope!

“I’m That” ft Navelle
Ooo production on this is dope! Shxt is lowkey epic… Did I hear a tag tho? I’ll ignore that… I can’t really focus on what XX is saying but I like his flow on this shxt… I like the hook too especially the background vocals.. Props to Navelle for shoutin’ out MoVal… I hear a lot of potential in him… if he clean that flow up time wise and put more emotion in his flow when he delivering punchlines he’ll be a force in Moreno Valley.

“Kush Kisses”

When the beat first started I almost pressed next but I’mma give it a chance’s interesting.. the chords are nice tho.. Maybe I would like this song a little more if I was in that “kush” inspired mindstate …I like the hook tho! Timing is a little off but it’s dope!... Love how XX starts his verses… dope shxt!

“Much More” ft J Holly
This some chill shxt… I’d smoke and vibe to it.. This is another song that would make me like the song more if I saw a video. Let’s get some videos out there XX! . The beat again reminds me of a style I’ve heard a lot of “soundclick” producers adopt!

“My Love”
The beat reminds me of the same style throughout this whole tape but I’m feeling this one… Shxt kinda does remind me of chillin’ with the local girls.. I feel you.. “Look at her! Lil mama lookin’ right! “ “Is it cool mama? Can I have some conversation witchu mama?” … Good shxt! Coulda did without whatever the fuck that was at th end of the song tho! -_-

“No Telling” ft Narvo
Johnny is THAT “nigga”… Another soundclick producer who’s been around for a long ass time and gained fame by producing for artists like Wiz Khalifa… This some dope Westcoast shxt.. wish the beat was a little louder so the vocals and production could be on the same level. The singing part is random as hell tho… but I mean so is this part of the beat so I don’t blame XX for trying something new.. jus coulda did without it… back to th vibin when the beat go back… smooth shxt! Narvo!!! Ayyy! You killed your voice1 I’m bouta look yo ass up on twitter as I type! Good shxt!...

“Owww” ft Rich I.E
This my type of shxt! That hip-hop! I’m feelin’ it already… My fave so far..It reminds me of Drake x J Cole. Shoutout to the homie Rich I.E . I still needa peep that mixtape he just dropped! Good shxt! I like what yall did on this joint… 2 thumbs up!

SID ft Rich I.E.

Rich I.E on the beat! If you feelin’ it holler at him! Hook is alright.. I’m feelin the verse! Sheeesh! XX killin’ it! Rich’s verse was impressive as well…

“Road To Success”
I’m feelin’ this beat… can’t wait for it to drop..let’s see where it goes! Oh its cool..

“All these niggas wanna talk about is moving Caine, I swear all yall motherfuckas sound the same”

 lol I feel you XX…good observation! The hook is alright… could be better..Second verse is better than the first… seems like a trend on this mixtape..

“The Nightmare Begin’s”
Hmm this is a pretty random track to have included with the rest of the tracks but I kinda like it… Sounds like something Tyler & friends would hop on…

“Hoes said they with a nigga when they really wasn’t, & I always win like it was fixed or something”

Skit was really really random… I like how the song is going backwards..oo another skit! Idk… it coulda been more creative…. I almost pressed next but XX starts rappin after the downtime and he comes on killin it for a couple lines… This song so evil! Lol the end of this shxt creepy aF! Lol

“Betty Boop” ft Wet Baby, Narvo, & Theory Ole
Alright let’s hear it! Nice little lineup! XX start off of course… Whoever comes next… his verse is aight.. couple nice lines in there tho.. I see you..
“& we smokin’ like there’s no air up in this muthafucka!”

Whoever on 3rd came nice as hell! Lovin’ the emotion in his flow… This hook growing on me.. got me going “Woooo” along with XX and even *cooking* a little bit. Theory ole up next1 that’s my dude! & he never disappoints…

“ I be pullin yo chick & gamin’ up all the bxtches she came with”

“Make that girl leave early because she came quick”

I’m honestly really looking forward to Theory Ole’s drop..whenever that will be! Nigga got bars!

In A NutShell:Xxstract is definitely a talented dude! I wouldn’t mind throwin’ a couple of these tracks on a mix and playin’ em during a drive through the city or something. I think if XX finds a more unique sound that identifies himself and his music he’ll be a contender for one of the local artists who could one day put the city on their back and make a name for us. I could really hear him being a feature on some mixtapes and I hope to hear more music from him in the future. Give us your opinion, you can download The Commercial HERE .


xYung Miss aka Danielle Phoenix

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