Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review of Lenier Davis' "Under the Radar" Mixtape

Shoutout to Bel Aire Gwap Gang! *presses play*

Interesting intro.. Shows his personality so.. it's straight!

"C.R.E.A.M" freestyle
Classic ass beat! Let’s see what he does with it. I wish the vocals were louder so I could hear what he’s saying...

"life is so short that's why I'm living it up"

... good shxt! At some points I feel like your whispering then you get louder at parts! There are parts in there where the flow is GOLDEN! Like on some new shxt. I wish it was like that during the whole track. What’s next?

Another classic beat. I love the beat choice on this mixtape so far. Not really happy with the quality tho... I mean it’s clean but the vocals are louder than the beat and I still can’t understand what he’s saying half the time... Your flow is choppy but I hear some bars in there that make me say “Nice!”

“Niggas got me twisted like I’m Red Vine”

but sometimes it just seemed like he ran out of things to say. The hook is chill. I feel like if his words matched a flow that matched the beat I’d like this track a little more. It’s definitely a rap style I’m not used 2 hearing but it’s always nice to hear something different.

“Gets No Shine”
Vocals too loud again! None of the words really rhymed in this joint.... but I liked that.. ::shrug::

“Hiding behind a beat, saved by a hook”

That’s a strong statement Lenier just made about a lot of rappers. I love the concept for this joint.
Man all he really needs to do is learn how to ride the beat better and on time and your shxt would kill! I love that prayer in that second verse... 3rd verse dope as hell tho! I would’ve loved this mixtape a lot more if it was hosted by a DJ! It really would've set this whole project off from what I can tell so far. Artists need to start showing these DJs out here love! They working hard too and they can take your project from mediocre to amazing!!

“Final Hour”
I love this beat! Wish it was louder. Lenier going in lowkey. His verse is really….hmm it’s hard to describe it! *rewinds* The words don’t rhyme like usual raps do. He just rhyming lines towards the competition I’m guessing. That random HAAA!! Was exactly that… random. Kinda threw me off and if I wasn’t reviewing the whole track I would've pressed next. Next verse is alright.. not as good as the first.

“& niggas say I'm a fan of a fan, niggas get clapped like hands”

Now that I think of it… a lot of the lines I’ve heard so far have been pretty random. Take a close listen and I’m sure you’ll agree.

"The Panties"
I'm feeling the vibe of this intro.... i like this... & the flow matches on it! good shxt so far! I don't understand why this is called “The Panties” tho.. I was expecting to hear him rap the panties off a female or something so I'm kinda confused on the song concept. Wait he is talking about a female somewhere in here. Cool little track.

Wooo!! This beat! I'm so mad..I planned on sampling this next week... The quality is better on this joint.. This reminds me of Curren$y a little... so far I like Lenier alot better on these types of beats cause he seems able to express his creativity on it a little better or maybe it just because of production preference. ::shrug:: Who knows?! Shoutout to Miss Mysterious. Whoever she may be! lol

Oh gosh! The original is like my favorite song ever...Soooo my expectations will be high! Let’s see what he does with it though... The flow is so interesting but it kinda works... I like the storytelling aspect of the track as well :)
The song was cool till he started singin’ tho lol....
“Girl! You a user.. user.. user!”

Lol. Glad the hook is over but the second verse nice as hell! I can relate.

"Find A Way" I love this beat too!.... I like Lenier’s lyrics. I really do but I get the feeling that sometimes he didn’t write to the beat.. Like maybe he had them in a notebook and tried to match them to the bat but who know’s that just could be because of his style. The second verse is better tho.. well at least the first half of it… the second half was alright ::shrug::

"She spendin' all my money & I'm broke tonight"

"Too Damn Fly"
This shxt go! I'd love to smoke one to this shxt...

"Ain't tryna get caught up.. I'm a lowkey ass nigga"

haha i love it!

"Crashin' on the Couch"
I like the lyrics on this joint... I feel you on this one Lenier... sounds like a day I'd have ::shrug:: lol

“Just Coastin”
Thumbs up for the beat choice again!....The quality on this one makes me wanna turn it off I'm not a fan of his singin’ but the verses are chill tho…

"A Long Walk" ft. Carl Fontaine
I like this joint! :) Shoutout to Carl Fontaine on the feature. Killin’ shxt!

"17,18,19 swag"
I would really like to see you perform this joint! I like this type of shxt... :)

In A Nutshell:
I believe that this is Lenier Davis’ first mixtape and it sounds like he had fun making it...That's really important when working on your music. Enjoy what you do. I honestly love every beat used on this mixtape so big props for that. As for Lenier himself, I won’t lie the flow needs a little work but he definitely has the right idea! Lookin’ forward to hearing if he grows any on his next project. You can download "Under the Radar" HERE

Grade: D+

xYung Miss aka Danielle Phoenix

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