Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love Corner- "Three Stages of a Relationship Part 1"

     Have you finally gotten used to being single? I understand. I’ve been single since May of this year and though most would still consider me “newly single”, I’ve already adjusted to my new relationship status. Okay so let’s say you met somebody new and you guys hit it off. Great! It gets your adrenaline pumpin’ a little and you feel like maybe “you still got it”! Maybe being single isn’t so bad after all! Who knew?! But what happens next now that you have “new prey” locked into your radar? This may not be the case for everybody but , it seems like what usually follows next can be classified into three stages: The Honeymoon Stage, the Reality Stage, and The Decision Stage.

Part I: The Honeymoon

     We’ve all seen examples of what I like to call “The Honeymooners”. You know, they’re the ones sitting extra close to each other, gazing into each other’s eyes and the only thing missing in the picture is a personal violinist playing right Beethoven before they kiss. Yea ….THEM! ….or in some cases… YOU & yours! I mean there’s nothing wrong with this stage. In fact, I encourage people who have never dated to try it ! The Honeymoon Stage is usually filled with a lot of excitement both mentally and physically. It’s like finding out that the person you have had a crush on feels the same way and now you guys are celebrating the connection by doing extra cute things for each other and spending all your free time together. Many people have claimed to fall “in love” during the Honeymoon Stage but please do not let the glitz and glammour of “a new love” fool you. Everything that glitters ain’t gold.

xYung Miss aka Danielle Phoenix 

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