Friday, August 26, 2011

Kardasian Kollection

Will the Kardasian’s and their ever growing empire cease to expand? Judging by the fact that the clan just wrapped up a collaboration with Sears, I wouldn’t count on it! Get ready to see their new line in middle class malls all over America, opening a new "price friendy" clothing line at Sears (Kardasian Kollection), in addition to their Dash Boutiques in South Beach and L.A. These girly goods will include a ready-to-wear apparel collection of handbags, lingerie, jewelry, and footwear. These looks are a must have for girls everywhere, no matter their signature style. From the "Girly-girls" to the "Rocker chicks",  as well as the sophisticated chic.

xDutchess of DOPE

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